Tips for enjoying sex with trans people

The coming 31st March is Transgender Awareness Day. This is a group that is still largely unknown socially. Many people have many doubts like the one that gives the name to this post. How to have sex with trans people and many other questions about possible relationships.

The subject is treated as something “strange” and unknown when it is becoming more and more “normal” to meet someone who feels in a way that does not fit the genitalia they were born with. Because that is the definition of transgender. It is a totally personal and individual process that many people have to go through.

They may or may not decide to start hormone treatment or go through an operation, but either way, they are still trans people. The way they dress, express themselves and be is completely free. So is the way they refer to themselves, their name and the pronouns they prefer to be referred to in their environment.

sex with trans people

Sex with trans people, from fetish to reality

In most cases, having sex with a trans person is often treated as a kind of fetish. Even on many porn websites they have their own category. The so-called shemales. Why does this happen? 

Mainly the reason is because it is seen as something exotic and different. And what is different, in this case having sex with trans people, tends to attract. Although this is wrong and may even be painful for the trans person themselves.

It is clear that everyone has their own tastes and preferences in terms of desire and attraction. When it comes to sexual interests, nothing is set in stone. It is therefore important to try to look beyond this when considering having sex with a trans person.

Treat them as a person to interact with and seek mutual pleasure. Avoid individual boundaries and explore one’s sexuality beyond genitalia. 

Sex with trans people, identifying concepts

To deal with such situations it is essential to be clear about concepts. Understanding what it is and knowing the information is key to fully enjoying every interaction. For everyone involved in sexual relations to have fun and pleasure.

A transgender person is someone who identifies with a gender other than the one associated with their genitalia. That is, generally male in the case of a penis and female in the case of a vagina. Cisgender refers to a person who identifies with the gender identity they were biologically born with, whether male or female. Shemale or trans woman is the term often used to refer to women who were born with a penis. Beyond the pronouns by which they wish to be referred to. The same is true of a trans man. One who was born with female genitalia.

The best way to search

Skokka, like many other adult classified portals, has its own specific category. For anyone who wants to enjoy a company with these characteristics. 

However, as in any sexual interaction, it is necessary to be clear about what one wants to practice and what are the limits of each one. Especially when it comes to masturbation, penetration and oral sex among others.

To enjoy diversity in company, beyond the fetish. Many men seek the company of trans women even if they do not want the company of men. It seems that appearance is more important than the genitals themselves.

To sum up

Having sex with a trans person or relating in any way involves many things. This is a person who has usually gone through a process of internal and external transformation. As well as having to deal with many situations and people who do not understand or share the situation. Like the simple fact of which toilet to go into.

So it is better to start with respect, communication, patience and understanding. To be able to interact and fully enjoy the relationship, as with anyone else. 

Try to adapt and open your mind to understand all the issues involved in being a trans person today. Identify what you are looking for and what you really want in order to be able to enjoy and experiment calmly, letting yourself go. 

It is also a group that needs greater visibility in all areas. Although more and more public figures and celebrities are openly declaring themselves to be trans people. This is the case of Elliot Page, Nikkie de Jager, Kim Petras and Carmen Carrera.