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How to choose the best luxury lingerie


Skokka knows that few things can be as mysterious as luxury lingerie. Buying luxury lingerie can be a confusing task both for personal use and as a gift to someone. How do you choose the best luxury lingerie?  The variety of lingerie between colours and models can generate many questions when choosing the best fit for what you are looking… Read more »

Anxiosexuality, the current loss of sexual appetite


How many times does it seem that the spark has appeared, the atmosphere has warmed up, everything seems like there is going to be a happy ending of pleasure, but something has frustrated the plans? It seems impossible for some people to think that just the idea of getting intimate or having sex might be unappealing to someone. It may… Read more »

This is what sex will be in 2021


Adaptation is the most relevant word at the moment. It’s time to overcome personal challenges. Especially when it comes to fun, relationships, dating and sex. What will be the new trends in sexual relations considering the new paths permeated by social distance?  While there is a pause and a break from routine for almost everyone, learning to live with the new… Read more »

Is it possible to have sex during the period?


Having sex during the period is taboo in almost all cultures. However, this does not mean that it is forbidden to have sex. There are all kinds of claims, from those who condemn sex for being unhygienic to people who say that this should be a time of rest for women. Some people feel uncomfortable, others believe that having sex… Read more »

How do you propose to your partner to try a new fantasy?


Talking about sex is not always as easy as you might think. Even in a stable couple with many years of history. Experiencing new things in bed or in multiple places can be the outlet for many relationships. Such as practicing a new fantasy as a couple. This is when the question arises of how to propose it without it… Read more »

Facefucking: tips to enjoy it 100%


Sex can be very pleasurable. There is the romantic one, full of caresses and affection and the wild one where instincts predominate and true desires come out. It is in the latter that facefucking can be included. Or what it literally means, fucking a person’s face.  This is a type of practice that mainly takes place within BDSM. Mainly because… Read more »

What is the Singapore kiss?


Some people probably don’t realize that this sexual preference is well known. What is the Singapore kiss? Under one of its names known as pompoir, the Singapore kiss is an ancient sexual technique based on stimulating the penis with the muscles of the vagina. The movements are similar to the suction movements of oral sex.   As long as it is… Read more »

The sensuality and eroticism of body painting


In English “body” is translated as body and “painting” means painting. The mixture of the two words reveals the meaning as it is: a body painting. This is when sensuality and eroticism meet. So, is body painting porn or just another interesting erotic attraction?  Although sometimes it may not seem clear, body painting does not refer to porn. It is… Read more »