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The reinvention of online sex in the time of Coronavirus


Coronavirus. Who would have predicted that something as small as a virus would have such an impact on the way the world works and on people’s lives? It has become a global pandemic and many countries are already taking action. Home confinements, teleworking, closing down parks and public places, banning rallies… This has led to a revaluation of physical contact…. Read more »

The main causes of erection disorders


It is necessary to be informed and above all not to create a drama about the matter. The causes of erection disorders can be very diverse so it may not be as worrying as it seems. Most cases depend, to a large extent, on the pressure the man himself causes on himself to meet expectations, or on the reaction of… Read more »

Tasha Banx, a blonde bombshell based in Gold Coast

She’s the one. She’s the face of Skokka in Australia. Tasha Banx is a blonde and tattooed girl. Cheeky and playful and very addictive! Do you want to know more about her? Keep reading and discover all about her. No secrets. She’s #TashaForSkokka Tasha Banx interview Why did you decide to work as an escort? To be honest a friend… Read more »

International day to end violence against sex workers


Since 2003, the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers is commemorated annually on December 17. It was born initially in memory of the sex workers which were murdered by the Green River Killer, Gary  Ridgway. During this day, a lot of organisations organise events in order to make know the horrible crimes that the Green River Killer carried… Read more »

New payment options to promote your ads on Skokka


If you already advertise on Skokka or if you want to but you aren’t still sure… then you’re in for a treat! We present to you the easiest and most comfortable new payment options so you can enjoy all the benefits that the global classified ads leader offers you. Why Skokka? Post an ad in Skokka, it has advantages that anybody else… Read more »

Skokka presents itself as the Backpage alternative 2018


Skokka is the global leader when it comes to erotic classified ads, but you already knew that, right? But even if that statement is true as of the writing of this post, it wasn’t always like that. People consider Skokka a Backpage alternative, or even its successor. Every website has a beginning and Skokka was no different. By the time… Read more »