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How to stimulate a woman’s g-spot


There are many ways to satisfy a woman. But there is a particularly sensitive spot on the female body. An area that, if you know how to touch it properly, can provoke very intense pleasure. But stimulating a woman’s G-spot can be a challenge for some. Where is it located, what movements are best to make, what position is preferable?… Read more »

How to achieve an orgasm without sex


Is it possible to reach and experience orgasm without sex? The answer is loud and clear, yes. Although most people have these two concepts closely linked, it is possible to conceive of them separately. In the same way that exists and everyone knows sexual relations without reaching the ecstasy of pleasure, it is possible to achieve the inverse. It may… Read more »

What is vaginismus and how to overcome it


Vaginismus can appear at any time in a woman’s life and can have various sources, from sexual trauma, childbirth or menopause. But do you know what vaginismus is? Vaginismus is the involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles, which causes discomfort during sexual intercourse, and even when using tampons… The pain occurs mainly at the entrance of the vagina, sometimes preventing… Read more »

Why does it attract what is more difficult?


Easy things are boring, or so they say. It seems that if you have to work hard to get something first, it is more attractive and desirable. Why? Because not everyone can have it. In this way, many people play at being “difficult”, that is, at appearing unattainable so that their suitors will try harder.  It’s like a card game…. Read more »

Ideal positions for a guaranteed orgasm


If you raise your leg this way, support your arm like this, move your ass that way, keep your balance… Sometimes it seems essential to be a professional gymnast and a super flexible and strong person to hold certain positions. Especially when it comes to having sex and achieving a guaranteed orgasm. Or, on the contrary, you are a boring… Read more »

Is it necessary to urinate after sex?


It is quite common to have heard some time ago the importance of urinating after having an intimate encounter. But why is that? In what does it help to urinate after sex? And the answer is very simple: it is a habit that favours the maintenance of sexual health. Going to the bathroom to urinate is one of the many… Read more »

Best tips to improve your sex life


Mastering the arts and movements between the sheets is the dream of most of us. Knowing the tips to improve your sex life and become a true god or goddess of sex. Something to which many people aspire, to be the perfect lover. To give and receive so much pleasure that satisfaction is complete, to exceed expectations. But how is… Read more »

Anorgasmia: what can be done to solve it?


What happens when you don’t enjoy sex – anorgasmia? When you hear others talk about great experiences and intimate encounters. Moans, gasps, sweat and waves of pleasure run through your body. Something you want to experience in order to be “normal”, like everyone else. But despite experiencing a multitude of practices and stimulations, it seems impossible. So it is normal… Read more »

Hygiene habits before and after sex


When it comes to having sex it is important to consider positions, fantasies… But what you also have to think about and take into account is your health, in particular, your sexual health. Taking care of yourself and your sexual partners is important to be able to enjoy without worries. Beyond possible infections of Sexually Transmitted Diseases or unwanted pregnancies…. Read more »

These positions are top to better feel your penis


Size does matter. It is one of the most widespread phrases about sex, but to what extent is this true? Breasts and asses, the bigger the better? And the same happens with penises? As if size is related to pleasure. So, the bigger it is, the more you like it. The answer to all this is simple, it doesn’t have to… Read more »