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Has the pandemic left you with a bad temper due to lack of sex?


Malfollada, hysterical… There are many words and expressions that refer to the lack of sex. Especially with a clear negative connotation. Although generally all of them refer to the female gender. Historically, when a woman is somewhat irascible, shouts excessively or has a bad temper, it is because she lacks good sex.  It even popularised what was believed to be… Read more »

What are the causes of losing a boner? Find them out


Being in the middle of the action or starting to get hotter but having one of the most important parts of your body fail – is there a worse nightmare for a person with a penis? Having a moment losing a boner can become a problem and completely cut off the desire and the mood. The penis symbol of virility… Read more »

Tips for enjoying sex in the menopause


As time goes by, it seems that desire and attraction diminish. But is this really true? With youth, you have more energy, flexibility and supposedly more desire. As if hormones and the only thing you can think about is only one thing: SEX. But as the years go by, things change and it seems that this intimate pleasure has to… Read more »

Everything you need to know about greek kiss


What better way to show affection and desire than a kiss? A perfect way to unleash passion. How many types are there, though? There are many ways to do it, not to mention places. This is the case of the protagonist of this text, the greek kiss.  If in some occasions, it is already complicated to master the perfect technique… Read more »

Altocalciphilia, a high altitude sexual practice


Some people have a real passion for seeing their partner in the heights. Among fetishes, its name is little known and it seems to be considered a difficult word: altocalciphilia. What is this fetish? The art of wearing a high heel requires elegance and sometimes demands audacity on the part of women who wear them more often. Rather also men,… Read more »

This way you can lose your shame in bed


Everything is constantly changing every day. In this sense, people can also change their attitudes in life. Or in bed. Besides, when it comes to sex, it’s always best to try to lose some of the shame that has always accompanied the life journey of almost every woman. How can you lose your shame in bed?  There is a lot… Read more »

Kivin Method: provide an orgasm quickly


The clitoris, that great unknown for many people, protagonist of pleasure and cause of many female orgasms. The Kivin method is a way, a technique, that promises, in just three minutes, with the help of oral sex, to provoke female ecstasy. A good way to leave behind all the worries about whether the orgasm will have been faked or not,… Read more »

The erotic art of mirrors


Art and mirrors have a long and intimate history. So using mirrors as erotic art is nothing new. What would erotic art be in the mirror? The eroticism of mirrors is present in almost everything. From real life to major film productions or photographs. It is indisputable that the presence of the mirror and the search for knowledge are present. … Read more »