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Hygiene habits before and after sex


When it comes to having sex it is important to consider positions, fantasies… But what you also have to think about and take into account is your health, in particular, your sexual health. Taking care of yourself and your sexual partners is important to be able to enjoy without worries. Beyond possible infections of Sexually Transmitted Diseases or unwanted pregnancies…. Read more »

These positions are top to better feel your penis


Size does matter. It is one of the most widespread phrases about sex, but to what extent is this true? Breasts and asses, the bigger the better? And the same happens with penises? As if size is related to pleasure. So, the bigger it is, the more you like it. The answer to all this is simple, it doesn’t have to… Read more »

How to use lubricant in sexual encounters


When everything flows during sex is much better. No inappropriate word, inappropriate gesture or unexpected accident can spoil this intimate and passionate moment. That is why it is important to have a good lubricant nearby. This way, pleasurable sexual relations are assured. But when and how is the best time to use it? It may seem obvious but it is… Read more »

Best positions to enjoy oral sex


In sex there are many different practices, but the main and most pleasurable is penetration. There are also other practices that can be just as good, like oral sex. Although it is perfectly combinable, and can help intensify all the sensations. But what is the best position to perform it?  There is a trick to this. It’s not about sticking… Read more »

Sexual positions that men like the most


Size matters, yes, but there are also other things that can be remarkably interesting. The place, the time, with whom… But above all the position. Numerous sexual fantasies are related and arise from the position in which they are found. Because just as for girls, depending on the pose, the depth and the touching of certain key sensitive areas that… Read more »

Has the pandemic left you with a bad temper due to lack of sex?


Malfollada, hysterical… There are many words and expressions that refer to the lack of sex. Especially with a clear negative connotation. Although generally all of them refer to the female gender. Historically, when a woman is somewhat irascible, shouts excessively or has a bad temper, it is because she lacks good sex.  It even popularised what was believed to be… Read more »

What are the causes of losing a boner? Find them out


Being in the middle of the action or starting to get hotter but having one of the most important parts of your body fail – is there a worse nightmare for a person with a penis? Having a moment losing a boner can become a problem and completely cut off the desire and the mood. The penis symbol of virility… Read more »

Tips for enjoying sex in the menopause


As time goes by, it seems that desire and attraction diminish. But is this really true? With youth, you have more energy, flexibility and supposedly more desire. As if hormones and the only thing you can think about is only one thing: SEX. But as the years go by, things change and it seems that this intimate pleasure has to… Read more »