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How to use a male masturbator?

Sex is an act of pleasure, that much is clear. Sexually active and satisfied people are happier and more willing. They also benefit more from the physical and mental health that sex brings. This is the case with displays of affection, naughty games and all the devices on the market today. Such as the male masturbator. But additionally, when it… Read more »

Best positions for greater pleasure together


When it comes to sexual positions, it is very intimate and subjective. This is because every couple, whether in company or individually, has their own preferences. For this very reason, many works such as the Kama Sutra deal in greater depth with the best positions for lovemaking. After all, it is clear that everyone has their own preferences, but it… Read more »

These are the most common sexual lesions

It is widely known that sex is a pleasurable activity. And it could not be otherwise, since sexual intercourse brings many benefits to people. But on the other hand, there are also sexual lesions to consider. Sex reduces stress, provides wellbeing and even improves the skin’s viscosity. How? It’s simple…During sex, the brain’s reward system is activated, producing that intense… Read more »

All the types of sexual kissing you should know about

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The mouth, teeth, tongue and saliva are very important parts when it comes to having sex. They are intimate parts capable of giving a lot of pleasure. The most important and popular part is sexual kissing. But how many of them are there? And more importantly, why do they excite so much? It depends on the area of the body… Read more »

Most common mistakes while posting ads

Skokka is an adult classifieds platform available in many countries, 26 to be precise. The people who offer their services usually publish with us due to the prestige of the brand and its high visibility and positioning in large search engines and the internet. But, on many occasions, it is not all rosy. Like so many other companies and brands,… Read more »

Tips for stimulating women’s G-spot

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Fortunately, the times when sex was all about male pleasure are long gone. Stimulating the G-spot… in the old days, we didn’t even know what it meant. In recent times, we have noticed a greater dedication of all those involved in sexual intercourse to explore the thousand nuances of it, which is marvellous.  After all, nowadays, there is no shortage… Read more »

What health problems can a lack of sex cause?

When people have sex, it is mainly pleasure that they are looking for. But beyond orgasms, it has a multitude of benefits. In the same way, the lack of sex can also cause different health problems that can be very serious.  Normally they are produced internally, without really being aware of it, so people don’t even realise this. Expressions such… Read more »

Tips for enjoying sex with trans people


The coming 31st March is Transgender Awareness Day. This is a group that is still largely unknown socially. Many people have many doubts like the one that gives the name to this post. How to have sex with trans people and many other questions about possible relationships. The subject is treated as something “strange” and unknown when it is becoming… Read more »