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Do you know what the gastrosiexta is?


Three of the best pleasures for human beings together, now, is possible. Gastrosiexta is a new term with an unknown origin but which refers to the practice of three things that are very satisfying for people: food, sleep and sex. This is a perfect plan with the sole objective of increasing and intensifying the pleasure of all the senses. Gastronomy… Read more »

Women also contact escorts


Life is too short to waste time with taboos, prejudice or discrimination. This is a statement that generates a debate about the reasons that lead women to seek male escorts. Because, yes, it is a reality that women also contact escorts. Is it true that women also contact escorts?  The construction of a more open society that seeks equality, allows… Read more »

These are the most popular erotic myths


Dreaming is free or so they say. So why not? Especially on a sexual level. The possibilities are enormous, the limit is imagination. That’s why erotic myths were born. People are humans who feel and it is inevitable to feel desire and attraction for some actor, friend or anyone. Especially if they take care of their body and love to… Read more »

Real sex VS online sex What’s better?


Sex and technology are two topics that have been getting closer and adding up advantages and disadvantages for people. It is true that we live in a virtual world where almost everything depends on the use of the Internet in daily life. However, the advance in the digital era allows sex online to be considered as a possibility of sexual… Read more »

Romantic sex or wild sex. Which is better?


What’s the best way to have sex? After a massage, with many preliminaries, an embedder who at any moment that is not expected to give free rein to passion, slowly and calculating every movement, looking into the eyes, caressing every part of the body, fast, looking for depth and intensity, taking of the hair, with kisses, with bite … There… Read more »

The art of sexting in the COVID era


The subject of sex is going through different changes nowadays. It is a fact that having sex is much more than just penetration. Self-knowledge is changing the way we look at pleasure and encounters. The context of society since the beginning of the first half of this year is still the same. Technology is gaining ground. Sexting during this COVID-19… Read more »

Is masturbating too much bad?

Martina    31 July 2020    Comments Off on Is masturbating too much bad?

Is masturbation a safe sexual practice? Much has been written and said about the ways and consequences of masturbating. It used to be very frowned upon socially and was a taboo subject, especially for women. There was little information about it, but now things have changed.  Today it is much simpler, with the great accessibility to free erotic content from… Read more »

Multiple orgasms. Do they really exist?


Most people’s idyllic dream, multiple orgasms. To reach a climax over and over again. To experience that extreme feeling of pleasure that runs through the body again and again with hardly any rest. Is it a question of myth or reality? Do they exist beyond adult movies? Prolonging, intensifying and duplicating everything that goes into achieving an orgasm is something… Read more »

Teabagging. What it is and how to enjoy it


Every day more and more sexual practices are discovered, new forms of pleasure to be discovered. But how much is known about them? Because every one that is talked about has every name… This is the case of TeaBagging which literally means something similar to tea bagging. So the next question is what does that have to do with sex? … Read more »

Do you enjoy an orgasm with a mask as well?


There are still many restrictions aimed at preventing contagion. Sex is one of them. Why? The main reason is that COVID-19 is a “new” virus about which there is still little information. A lot of research is being done to better understand how it is transmitted and how it evolves. This is why it is recommended, for the time being,… Read more »