The best positions for same-sex couples

There are many people who think that sexual relations are reduced to penetration. However, there is nothing further from the truth.
Not only is sex without penetration possible but it can also be very pleasurable with best positions.

So that you can take note and see that there is sex life beyond penetration. In today’s post we are going to talk about the number of sex toys that currently exist on the market. And some of the best positions with which you are sure to melt your partner with pleasure.

Join us and we will tell you all about it!

Some best positions for lesbian couples (or not) with which you are sure to triumph

Regardless of your sexual preference or how you consider yourselves, there are several of the best positions for people with and without vulva.
You can fully enjoy your sexuality, and remember that you set the rules!

Pleasure floor 

Ideal for a very exciting oral sex. In this position, one of the participants remains standing while her partner, kneeling, moves towards her vagina. and performs a very wet and pleasurable oral sex.

Best positions: Scissors 

For the position to be comfortable, both should cross their legs, fully open at first, meeting face to face, while making rubbing movements by bringing their vaginas together and rubbing their clitorises. The movement can be clitoris against clitoris or clitoris against thigh. Whichever version you choose, you will experience intense pleasure.


In this very intimate position, somewhere between the spoon and the doggy style, one of the partners must kneel and lean against the other, who is touching and stimulating the clitoris from behind.

This position is a real bonus when it comes to accessing and arousing all the sensitive parts of the vulva and even the anus.

Knotted hands 

If you are looking for new sensations, this is one of the best positions. It’s a very daring and highly satisfying way to seek mutual pleasure. While one of the girls uses a rope, tape or even a scarf or tie to hold her partner’s hands, the other waits with her legs spread wide open for her vagina to be explored by her lover’s expert tongue.

At full gallop 

This is undoubtedly one of the best positions for the most passionate couples with a strong desire for satisfaction. In this position, one of the girls must lie down on the bed, with her legs bent, while the other sits up, initiating slow rubbing movements. That, will gradually acquire the necessary speed to culminate in an exquisite orgasm.

The classic but no less satisfying 69 

The maximum level of pleasure that 69 provides makes it the most tried and tested among couples of all genders and included in the list of the best positions. Giving and receiving oral pleasure at the same time is a balance for absolute ecstasy.

As you can see, there is a lot of passion that can be experienced with the right person, no matter what their gender is: lesbian, gay, bisexual or heterosexual. The limit is up to you!

Also, don’t forget that all these activities can be complemented with a multitude of toys, such as bunny vibrators to stimulate the vagina, massagers, rings, suckers…

All of them great companions for adventures with which you will achieve that spectacular sparkle that will make your sexual relations and your best positions shine with their own light.

To give you an idea of all the toys you can fill the drawers of your bedside table and your partner’s, here are some of them. Read on!

best positions

The best positions and sex toys for all tastes

The universe of erotic toys is immense and we are not exaggerating. There are toys for all tastes and practices, all of them capable of creating sensations never experienced before.

Certainly, sex toys in a couple, together with the best positions, represent a fun and exciting way to break the routine. They are excellent for keeping the flame burning and allowing the enjoyment of new emotions.

Anal plugs are one of the most purchased toys by gay couples. They come in all kinds of materials: glass, metal, silicone, whose soft texture simulates skin. You can also find them in vibrating mode to intensify your impressions.

Clitoral stimulator, one of the most pleasurable toys for lesbian couples.
It should be noted that the clitoris is an organ that is not only sensitive to touch, but also to vibrations. Reason why this sex toy is presented as an interesting alternative for many women and is the most used in the best positions.

-This stimulator can also be used to excite other erogenous parts of the body, such as the breast!

Lubricants. With different flavours, colours and textures, they will help you to have a wetter moment. At the same time that they will support you a lot in the best postures.

Really, it is an essential tool that you can use not only to moisten areas such as breasts and vagina but also to dilate the anus in a safe and enjoyable way.

As you can see, both creativity and stimulation are essential ingredients to enhance intimate relationships in the best positions. Whatever your sexual orientation.

It only remains for us to recommend that for your sex life to be longer and more lasting, don’t forget to maintain good health and hygiene in all aspects.

And now enjoy it!