How to use lubricant in sexual encounters

When everything flows during sex is much better. No inappropriate word, inappropriate gesture or unexpected accident can spoil this intimate and passionate moment. That is why it is important to have a good lubricant nearby. This way, pleasurable sexual relations are assured. But when and how is the best time to use it?

It may seem obvious but it is quite common for doubts to arise. There are a multitude of types and brands, as well as ways and places to use it. Being in contact with such an intimate area added to the purpose of the product itself can cause quite a few insecurities. Not to mention the moment of purchase, which can also still be taboo. So, this is why the most common doubts about how to use lubricant during sexual intercourse will be solved in order to enjoy it to the fullest.

Choosing the right lubricant

Intimate gel, hot, natural, electrifying, flavored, oil… There is a very large variety of lubricants today, as well as brands. Available mainly in sex shops, in physical and online stores, but also on large platforms such as Amazon.

The most important thing when it comes to finding and acquiring the right lubricant is to think about what you want it for. It may be to facilitate penetration, to try to stop vaginal dryness, or even to give a massage. So, depending on your purpose, one lubricant or another will be better.

It is important to remember that it is not advisable to use anything else that is not made for that specific function. Such as some food, for example, as it could be harmful to health and irritate the genital area. 

Because, despite what can be seen in porn videos, in which it seems that everything is solved with saliva, this is not the case. Although it is a natural lubricant, a large amount would be needed to produce the desired effect at the time of penetration. So it ends up not being the ideal solution.

How to use it in sex

It is true that when the area is wet and everything flows, you feel better. So to increase and enhance the pleasure you can make use of these gels and liquids that prepare and sensitize the area.

The vagina has its own fluids

The vagina, unlike the anal area, is capable of producing its own fluids to lubricate the region. That is why when a woman is aroused, it is said that she is wet. The problem comes when it is not enough. For various reasons, such as menopause, this lubrication may be less or even non-existent. 

Therefore, it never hurts to have a good sexual lubricant for these occasions. A small amount should be placed on the penis, condom, dildo, etc. or directly in the anus or vagina before inserting it.

Condoms with lubricant

Yes, condoms usually have a bit of lubricant in them to make it easier to use, but that doesn’t mean it’s enough. So, you can also apply any of the existing lubricants, however, it is advisable that they are water or silicone based, so as not to damage the condom.

Because using others, such as those that are oil-based, can be harmful. So in the end, despite using it and enjoying it, nine months later there may be another little surprise.

Therefore, it is always advisable to always be fully informed if they are compatible so that you can enjoy it without worries. There are many publications of sex shop product reviews, opinions from people who have tried it and even professionals who advise.

Beyond penetration

It is clear that getting in and out is a lot of fun as well as pleasurable. But there are many other things that can be enjoyed with the right company. Far beyond penetration, fingering or even fisting.

For example, there are practices such as tantra that use massage as a source of pleasure. For this, you can try oil-based lubricants for the whole body or a more specific erogenous zone.

In addition, there are even a multitude of intimate gels or flavored sexual lubricants. Strawberry, cherry, watermelon… You just have to choose your favorite and try it on the part of the body you prefer.

Increasing pleasure and desire

And is that the function of these products, besides increasing pleasure and facilitating sex, is also to incite desire. Getting out of the routine, adding that extra touch of spice to all relationships. 

There are even some specific lubricants for anal penetration, providing anesthesia and everything to avoid pain. Others, on the other hand, promise a hot or cold effect, depending on whether it’s for her or for him, and furthermore prolong relations for as long as possible.

Something different and that, once experienced, you will want to repeat. A help and a good companion in all sexual relations, which will increase the movement and noise between the sheets. What is there to lose?