Altocalciphilia, a high altitude sexual practice

Some people have a real passion for seeing their partner in the heights. Among fetishes, its name is little known and it seems to be considered a difficult word: altocalciphilia. What is this fetish?

The art of wearing a high heel requires elegance and sometimes demands audacity on the part of women who wear them more often. Rather also men, crossdressers and transsexuals learn better than anyone else how to stay on the heel without falling off it. It’s all a matter of putting yourself into it.  

Basically, for the amateurs in performing this practice, it is a real thrill and excitement to see the other person’s foot in a shoe or sandal. In this case, not just any shoes, but high heels. This feature ends up being a common practice among sadomasochists, submissives or those who like to feel some pain. 

On this topic that involves sensuality and many hidden desires, Skokka exposes some examples of how this fetish can take some people to the highest level of pleasure. More than just going out and looking good in the most beautiful shoes, wearing or seeing high heels can be the key to many relationships. 


Sexual attraction to high heels

Altocalciphilia is, by definition, the sexual attraction to heels. Within the category of fetishism, it is associated as an add-on. This is a type of paraphilia, which is quite common among men. In this case, the pleasure starts by observing women wearing this type of footwear. 

However, in cinematographic works it is quite common to see scenes in which the secretary or executive is presented very sexy and sensual. On the other hand, heels increase a woman’s height. 

The change in height of the other person drives an admirer crazy. For many men adept at the fetishism of altocalciphilia, seeing a woman in high heels is a sign of domination and mystery.

It is a practice that leads to the observation of movements. The way of walking stimulates the minds. The height of the shoes or sandals, and the shape, sharpen the imagination in an erotic and objective way. 

Characteristics of pleasure in altocalciphilia

It is a fact that each fetish has its own characteristics. In this particular case, for many, the pleasure begins with the excitement of just looking, without reaching an intimate relationship with the person observed. 

Meanwhile, for most fans of this modality, an erotic excitement game is included here that makes the sexual encounter a special moment.

Here are some related practices that can drive any fetishist crazy and give them extreme pleasure. 

  • Observe the movement of the hips while walking in shoes. In this case, we are talking about high heels. The movement of the hips, the curves formed in each movement, the moment where the person stops walking or moving, the way the shoes make the legs of the person wearing the heels look.
  • Seeing, touching, licking or caressing heels. This pleasure can be felt by those who have the visual attraction to the shoes. Those who like submission, it can be an exciting game that promotes a lot of pleasure for those who experience it.  
  • For many it doesn’t matter if it is new or used, it depends on what each one wants or thinks. The smell of the shoes excites fetishists and gives a special tone to this encounter.
  • Trampled by heels. There are levels of pleasure that are indisputable. In this case, feeling heels on any part of the body. For many even having that sensation on the genitals is reason to feel a lot of pleasure. A woman with her heels can step on you, hit you and if it is of desire of both, leave marks on the body. It all depends on what one wants. 
  • There is also masturbation, in addition to feeling the heels on the intimate parts. For them, the touch of the shoes on the penis. For them, feeling the shoes entering the vagina, perhaps even accepting an exploratory walk all over the body. 
altocalciphilia high heels

Fetishism for other types of footwear

For shoe lovers, even if it’s not just high heels, the term used changes. In this case, the fetish is simply: someone wearing shoes. Very similar to altocalciphilia, this fetish for any type of shoes is called retifism. 

Sneakers, sandals, flip-flops. To have the foot in shoes, regardless of whether it is with heels or not.  Here the pleasure in seeing and being able to interact in the way you want with the shoes and with the wearer is characterized. 

Shoes are part of the routine, of the daily life of every human being. Watching and being watched for the sensuality that they can produce is also an appetizing game. In any case, it is never too much to experiment.