What is Pet Play and how to enjoy it?

There are many trends that are all the rage, especially when it comes to sexual tastes and fetishes. However, people are very diverse and it couldn’t be any different with the things they like to do inside their bedroom (or even outside of it). In this sense, in this post we will explore a bit more about Pet Play. 

Do you know this new trend within the sadomasochistic culture? In it you have to take on the role of man’s best friend. That is, the person pretends to be a puppy in the hands of his Dominatrix.

Many may have imagined themselves having sex while dressing up and playing the role of a feline or a puppy. However, how about crawling into a bar on all fours and led by a collar? Pet Play can encompass all that and more.

After all, BDSM is a game of submission, and its adherents thoroughly enjoy it, whether to dominate or to be dominated. 

pet play

Understanding Pet Play practice

As mentioned above, Pet Play is a game, one among many practiced by BDSM practitioners. Above all, it is a fetish of power, domination and submission that is performed between partners of either gender. There may be an emotional bond between the two or it may simply be a professionally contracted service. 

The play is often erotic and sexual, but not necessarily so. Sometimes it is simply a role play in which the people involved play different roles, and enjoy them. 

During this game, the Pet person imitates the behaviour of a puppy or adult animal, most commonly dogs, cats and horses, but not limited to them. On the other hand, the dominatrix or trainer will be the person who will be in charge of looking after this animal, taking care of it, educating and taking it for walks.

It is not difficult to find on the internet pictures of people practising this fetish in the street, but even today they may still shock some people who are not used to and/or are a bit more closed to this trend.

What is and what is not allowed in Pet Play?

As in most sexual games, the limits are set according to the desires of the participants. That is, the games can vary in intensity and range from touching, kissing and licking to punishment, spanking and humiliation. 

The secret to successful play is to talk to each other before engaging in it to establish limits and desires of both partners. It is also important to define whether the play will take place only within four walls or sometimes in public.

Hang out in theme bars, practice somewhere or even at a party with friends who are also part of the BDSM world. 

Essential for the game

To start the game, in addition to the mutual willingness of the participants, there are a few gadgets that should not be missing. After all, they will serve to train the pet.

These are the items: Collars, chains, gags and whips, you can also include stuffed tails, walking on all fours and even affectionately naming the pet in the form of a diminutive.

Many people report satisfaction in associating pet play with the ability to let their instincts come out, without judgement or shame.

Perhaps that is why the practice of sexual games is so successful, because they allow the release of all the fantasies that sometimes cannot be done in everyday life in society. Being able to enjoy sexuality with no ties in everyday life significantly increases arousal and pleasure.

On the other hand, one of the main misconceptions associated with Pet Play is that this fetish is linked to zoophilia (the feeling of desire for animals). However, the practice of Pet Play is not at all similar and it would be a mistake to associate it with this.

pet play

Variations within Pet Play

There are many nuances within the Pet Play universe, including the choice of the type of animal to be represented. The main representations of Pet Play are:

Puppy Play: it is a puppy. Therefore, it has to be cared for, trained and educated.

Dog Play: This is an adult dog and, therefore, does not need to be trained. On the other hand, the dog can be punished or rewarded for its actions.

Kitten Play: This is a kitten. It needs the same attention as a Puppy Play with affection and care.

Piggy Play: This is a pig with a snout. It can be fed pig food and even get into dirty environments such as mud.

Pony Play: This is a pony or horse. In this role the pet person will use hooves, ears, saddles and can even pull carts with their dominatrix.