Favourite moment of an Escort in a client encounter

When a client turns to an escort, there are many moments that take place from the first communication to the goodbye. Did you know that one of them is the favourite moment of these professionals? Indeed. Although the rest of the moments that take place are also highly valued by the girls who work in this paid escort service. 

Below we will specify what this favourite moment is. Although, it is essential to make a chronology of everything that happens from the beginning to the end.

 favourite moment

Some of the favourite moments

First contact by phone

Regardless of the method used by the client to find the escort in question, the most common one is to provide a mobile phone number. Nowadays, it is even possible to communicate without spending a single euro, using applications such as WhatsApp.

In the escort-client conversation, it is common to ask for real photos if they are not published in the online ad. As well as to determine what services will take place at the meeting, the duration of these services and the price to be paid for them.

If the client brings out the seriousness and respect in this first contact with the mobile phone, a certain chemistry between the two is already beginning to be noticed.

But the feeling is much greater when they meet physically.

Reception at home

Although there are escorts who go to the indicated address, the most common thing is that the client goes to the girl’s home.

In this case, the street and the number are usually given, and the client must call right in front of the doorway. In order to receive the last indication of all: which is the flat and the exact door to go to.

This is when one of the best moments occurs. Although it is true that it is not the escort’s favourite moment, it is at the top of the ranking. And no wonder, since the greeting is usually accompanied by a kiss, as well as an eye contact that inspires both parties.

Being flattered by the dress she is wearing or the underwear she is revealing is another favourite moment of the encounter.

Compliments do not have to happen, as the service will be performed, so knowing that clients are under no obligation to do so, she is aware that such compliments are one hundred percent sincere.

 favourite moment

Drinks, mutual shower and massage: the foreplay and favourite moment begins.

After the unforgettable welcome by the escort, a drink is usually offered to the client. Wine, champagne or any other drink can be enjoyed while the conversation is flowing.

Showing interest in the escort’s life is something they usually like. It is not their favourite moment, but they value this moment positively, as well as the one after: the mutual shower.

Hygiene is essential in any type of intimate encounters, so the client is always invited to take a shower. As long as the temperature is gradually rising, some escorts offer to take a shower together with their clients. Which is another favourite moment for them.

It is not surprising that they like it so much. Since for the first time they see the naked body of the person they will be with for the next hour, thirty minutes, or the previously agreed time. It is a very intimate scene that usually ends in the best possible way: offering the client a relaxing massage.

There are many escorts who know how to give massages featuring several positive aspects. The first one consists of completely eliminating stress, while the second one is based on touching certain points of the body which provoke arousal. That is when most escorts’ favourite moment comes up.

This is the favourite moment

After having raised the temperature of both partners to the maximum with unforgettable foreplay, it is time to give free rein to passion. All intimate wildness by practicing all kinds of positions.

It is undoubtedly the favourite moment of almost all escorts, which can only be surpassed by the one we are going to talk about at the end.

Complicity and pleasure are synonymous with every posture performed. Some of the positions were mentioned in the first conversation between the two, but others are completely improvised. Spontaneity excites both partners, as well as new sensations that are pleasurable to the max.

Precisely speaking about pleasure, when the client reaches the maximum level of enjoyment and the orgasm occurs, the escorts’ last favourite moment takes place.

Reaching it is also one of their goals, even though their main purpose is always to make their clients enjoy it as much as possible.