How to use a male masturbator?

Sex is an act of pleasure, that much is clear.

Sexually active and satisfied people are happier and more willing. They also benefit more from the physical and mental health that sex brings.

This is the case with displays of affection, naughty games and all the devices on the market today. Such as the male masturbator.

But additionally, when it comes to men’s pleasure, there may be some doubts, or the false theory that it is only obtained through intercourse, penetration and classic masturbation.

And this is not exactly the case, because for some time now, the male sexual pleasure market has been gaining more and more ground.

It is not only about erotic adult content, traditional porn and everything else, but also about intimate toys like the male masturbator.

Some time ago, it was practically impossible or unlikely to hear about such devices. Why? It’s simple, because sex has always been socially shrouded in some kind of taboo and masturbation was no exception. Nor, of course, was the use of sexual accessories. 

Fortunately, this is all changing for the better, and although there is still work to be done, sex, sexuality, pleasure and fun are being talked about in a much more natural and spontaneous way.

Something that favours the adult market, which invests increasingly and earns more and more with everything that is produced for people’s pleasure.

Not so long ago it was normal that when people heard about sex toys they usually thought of dildos, traditional vibrators, etc., i.e. devices that were almost always aimed at a female audience.

Nowadays, almost every masturbator is produced for all kinds of people.

What is it and how useful is it?

In simple words, a male masturbator is a sex toy capable of increasing the pleasure of a man in his intimate moment. Through these toys, different or even more intense sensations can be obtained than with normal masturbation.

This is because of the various ranges of stimulation, realism, and so on.

It can be said that the ultimate goal of most of the male masturbators available is to get as close as possible to a real vagina.

Some of them are in fact a realistic copy that can even mimic human body temperature, others, although not as realistic, come very close. Is the case with those that try to replicate the elasticity of the skin or vaginal contractions.

They are also very useful for exploring male pleasure. Indeed, sexual pleasure triggers the release of many hormones that promote physical and mental health and elevate mood.

Whether for solo pleasure, or as a couple, there are many uses for a male masturbator. In short, it can be the missing complement to light up the mood.

Types of male masturbator available on the market

Realistic 3D Vagina Masturbators

Made of silicone, it masterfully simulates the vagina and its inner lips.

There are different vibration modes, with which it is possible to control the tightness of the caress. 

Silicone and latex masturbator

One of the best-selling toys on the adult market, this masturbator imitates a torso with vagina and anus.

In that apparatus, penetration can be done at both entrances in an almost real way. In addition, that kind of masturbator give a very skin-like feel due to the material it is made of.

Realistic dolls

Realistic dolls are the closest thing to live sex, as with all the advances in the adult market today, dolls can be found featuring the authentic weight, hair and clothing of a woman.

The investment is a bit higher to acquire them. Even more so when customising to create authentic replicas of individuals.

Manual masturbator

There are several models on the market, with different depths and lengths. They are widely marketed for their realism, and also for their durability, which is high.

male masturbator

Automatic masturbator

Automatic models go further in terms of functions, with suction, vibrations, heat and many others. They are bestsellers and usually meet the expectations of the male public.

In addition, an interesting feature is that it can be controlled remotely by another person. In this case, it can be a form of enjoyment for the couple.

There are many models and features of male masturbators.

When buying, one only has to look at aspects such as size, durability, vibration modes and material.

After that, all one has to do is enjoy all the benefits of sexual exploration and have a good time alone or with a partner.