Has the pandemic left you with a bad temper due to lack of sex?

Malfollada, hysterical… There are many words and expressions that refer to the lack of sex. Especially with a clear negative connotation. Although generally all of them refer to the female gender. Historically, when a woman is somewhat irascible, shouts excessively or has a bad temper, it is because she lacks good sex. 

It even popularised what was believed to be a Hysteria disease, which was even made into a film. It also tells the story of the invention of the vibrator to treat it. Because it seems that a good orgasm has healing powers. If only it could be prescribed for everything.

Bad temper due to lack of sex

Life in society works very fast. This is because of work, worries, responsibilities… Always thinking about the to-do list. 

However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to activate the handbrake and stop in their tracks. Fear of contagion and spread led governments to take various measures. Confinements, reduced mobility, social distancing, increased hygiene, the use of masks…

Being away from loved ones, forced cohabitation with the family unit, closure of businesses… All this has left no one indifferent. 

Video call services and online shopping (especially for erotic toys) have increased. And all routines have had to adapt. Being creative to exercise at home, try new recipes, watch the entire Netflix catalogue, read or even do some home renovation. 

Any excuse is a good one to release all the frustration and anxiety caused by the current prolonged situation. Instability, fear, tension and worry influence emotionally.

Everyone is more sensitive and more eager than ever to be able to have human contact without worries. Why? Quite simply, because it is an escape. Relationships, intimacy or simply spending time with friends is a way to relax and have fun. A way to get pleasure and forget worries. Especially with sex.

So after a year, without being able to do these things, everything builds up. Frustration, anger, anxiety and stress only increase. This affects sexual desire but also all the relationships and interactions you have with other people. 

bad temper

Benefits of having sex to avoid bad temper

Abstinence, chosen or not, can even produce intense physical pain. Although people have sex for the pleasure it brings them, it has many other benefits. 

Natural and easy-to-achieve benefits that have been very difficult to achieve for little more than a year. There are even studies that claim that lack of sex can make people more aggressive and with a bad temper. 

So how does having sex on a regular basis make a difference? Especially if it is satisfying, in person or at a distance or even with oneself. In addition to the intense pleasure and orgasms of the sexual experience.

Goodbye to anxiety, bad temper and stress

Sex is an escape route, what better way to let off steam? Physical exercise that forces you to forget all your worries and helps you to relax your whole body. Releasing tension and having fun.

Lowers blood pressure

This form of intimacy between one or more people helps to improve blood circulation and even strengthens the heart.

Strengthens the immune system

Sex releases dopamine, which works as a natural painkiller. So it helps to reduce physical pain. On the other hand, cumming helps to cleanse the most intimate ducts. It is also a physical exercise that stimulates the production of the body’s natural defences.

Increases self-esteem

To feel desired, to see oneself capable of provoking pleasure in another person. Let yourself go and enjoy yourself. Improve self-esteem, you can even make yourself look better, more beautiful and younger.

bad temper lack of sex


Having sex has an impact on your skin and hair. It even seems to make it shinier, more elastic and helps prevent acne. Why? Simple, by improving circulation you have more oxygen and it encourages the production of natural collagen. So it improves flaccidity and even blemishes.

Better rest to avoid bad temper

It is a physical exercise, which causes fatigue and during which various hormones are released. Some of these hormones are responsible for increasing relaxation and the feeling of sleepiness. This is why men in particular cannot help falling asleep after ejaculating and reaching orgasm.

Improves bad temper

In addition to helping you rest better, which also helps you to be more optimistic and patient, sex releases endorphins. A hormone, popularly known as the happiness hormone.

Keeps active

It is basically a physical exercise, better than cardio. So it helps all the muscles in the body to activate and work to get stronger.

Increases sexual desire

The more sugar, the sweeter. As soon as you taste satisfying sex and all the benefits and pleasure it brings, why deny yourself? 

Facilitates concentration

Some experts claim that having sex on a regular basis can make people smarter. Why is that? The answer is diverse. On the one hand, it reduces stress levels and helps oxygenate the brain. On the other hand, it influences the nervous system and promotes the growth and improvement of connections between neurons. This is why it can improve qualities such as memory and concentration. It also helps to develop creativity thanks to sexual fantasies.

Strengthens the pelvic floor

The muscles in the genital area, responsible for supporting and maintaining internal organs as well as controlling urination. All this as well as helping to increase pleasure by increasing friction. In the long run, it can help prevent urine leakage and other natural problems of the area with age.

All these benefits can last up to 48 hours, according to studies and surveys. So why not put them to the test? But don’t forget to take precautions and increase hygiene for maximum enjoyment without worry. It helps to forget about bad temper and let off steam while reaching ecstasy.