Everything you need to know about greek kiss

What better way to show affection and desire than a kiss? A perfect way to unleash passion. How many types are there, though? There are many ways to do it, not to mention places. This is the case of the protagonist of this text, the greek kiss. 

If in some occasions, it is already complicated to master the perfect technique to perform it satisfactorily, in this type, it is even more so. Thanks to prejudices, taboos and embarrassments, it is usually a technique that many reject. Despite the fact that it can be extremely pleasurable.

What is the greek kiss?

Also popularly known as black kissing, this is literally kissing and licking the anal area. A type of oral sex that focuses exclusively on anal pleasure. 

Contrary to what it may seem, this technique can be enjoyed regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Of course, you have to leave out taboos and worries about what might happen. 

Hygiene first and foremost

Good hygiene and care is obviously important. It is an intimate area and, of course, very sensitive. As in all other sexual practices, hygiene and care is important. But in this case, especially.

This is very desirable if you want to avoid any infection or contagion of any sexually transmitted disease or STD. Some even use a condom (better if it is flavored) to be able to enjoy 100% safe.

greek kiss hygiene

A good preliminary for the greek kiss

Before it rains, it sprinkles. Even porn actors have their fluffer to help them get aroused and stay that way during filming. In the same way, the greek kiss is a very good option as a foreplay before anal sex, and with natural lubricant included!

A matter of positions

On four legs, lying face down, standing… Thousands are the options to practice the greek kiss. But is there one that is more pleasurable? The answer is yes. It is the one in which both the person who performs it and the one who receives it are comfortable. 

Hands and fingers are good companions

It is usually appreciated that while using the tongue during sex, that the hands and fingers remain active. The same is true in black kissing.

While licking, kissing or sucking, they can be used for:

  • Penetrate, gradually, vaginally or anally.
  • Open and move the cheeks further apart to gain more access to the area.
  • Touching and stimulating other erogenous zones of oneself or one’s sexual partner.  For example, nipples, vagina, clitoris, cock, perineum…
  • Grabbing and even…some spanking?

Open mind

Many are those who would like to try the greek kiss but do not know how to approach their partner. This happens due to the fear and taboos that throughout history have been created around this practice. 

That is why it is important to be well informed, to read about it so that whoever wishes to practice it, can enjoy it. Reduce or eliminate the embarrassments and prejudices that may arise. Resolve any doubts that may arise on the subject and enjoy it. 

Here it is necessary to mention that part of the reason why the greek kiss is not attractive is because of the hair in the area. Could this be the reason why the “anus whitening” operation has become fashionable? It’s a good way to appreciate it first hand.

greek kiss open mind

Avoid unpleasant surprises

Good care is important, in addition to hygiene. Reading and even watching some porn videos can be helpful. In case you want to enjoy the greek kiss for the first time. But above all it is advisable to talk about it with the person who wants to do it. Both if you are the one who wants to do it and if you are the one who is going to receive it. Knowing what you like or what you want to experience can help to avoid a bad experience. Although it also helps to practice black (or greek) kissing before a big meal.

Move your tongue for a good greek kiss

It’s time to play! Let yourself go and mix movements but do not stand still. As in all oral sex, you can kiss, lick, suck and make movements with the tongue. Above all, for everything to flow and for the pleasure to increase, lubrication is important. That leaves saliva or have some edible lubricant at hand.

Kissing the buttocks, running the tongue up and down between them, licking the anus and describing circles, “penetrating” the area with the tongue… The thing is to let yourself go and be guided by the sounds of pleasure made by the sexual partner.

Time for action

After discovering everything that is important when performing a greek kiss, it’s time to enjoy it. Get comfortable, let your mind go blank and let your tongue act. Experiment, taste and feel in that intimate area that can produce so much pleasure. Who knows, maybe you will end up enjoying the best orgasm you have ever experienced.