Tips for enjoying sex in the menopause

As time goes by, it seems that desire and attraction diminish. But is this really true? With youth, you have more energy, flexibility and supposedly more desire. As if hormones and the only thing you can think about is only one thing: SEX. But as the years go by, things change and it seems that this intimate pleasure has to disappear and become undesirable. Especially in women, when they start the menopause. A time that can be somewhat complex but perfectly combinable with sexual relations. 

First of all, it should be made clear that this is a situation that all women or people who have ovaries experience in different ways. It usually occurs at around 45-50 years of age. Menstruation stops, but other things also happen. With the menopause, oestrogen (hormone) levels change and affect the body to a greater or lesser extent. Increased vaginal dryness, less hair, mood swings, hot flushes, difficulty sleeping…

In Skokka they prefer mature women

After a study of searches carried out in recent months in the different countries where Skokka is available, it has turned out that the word “madurita” is very popular. In fact it outperforms young girls in most countries today. So why might this be? 

On the one hand experience. A clear and decisive reason. They have already tried many things, they know their body, they know what they like and they go for it without any shame or complex. On the other hand, they usually have their life already more or less made and if not, things are much clearer. They are also much more independent.

Reasons that can make sexual relations very interesting. Not to mention the numerous fantasies they can have. The possibilities are endless.

Sex after menopause – less pleasurable?

All the signs seem to point to a reduction in the desire and likelihood of enjoying this intimate, physical moment. But with a few tips, all this can change.

The first thing you might think is that there is no longer a chance of pregnancy. So you can say goodbye to condoms. But be careful! That doesn’t take away the danger of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. It is very important to remember and keep in mind that as the years go by, taking care of intimate hygiene has become more and more important.

A new best friend, lubricants. Vaginal dryness is a strong enemy of libido and sexual desire. It can even diminish a woman’s self-esteem. So it is good to have a good lubricant at hand to keep things flowing. This way, the pleasure increases and the desire to have sex again afterwards increases. Even during the menopause, penetration can be a cause for concern.

It is also important to try Kegel exercises. To strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that control urination, support the internal organs and are located in the genital area. Being able to open and close certain holes in the body at will, to exert more pressure, to feel the friction… It can be very useful, fun and satisfying during sex.

sex menopause

The human body is amazing what it can feel. Menopause is the perfect time to put it to the test. A massage, tantra, new positions, places, practices, exploring new possible erogenous zones… A kiss here, a lick there, a bit of suction, maybe a bite… On the neck, the earlobe, the cleavage, the nipples… Just close your eyes and imagine it, mmm….

Playing with the senses and sensibility. With the light on or off, on or under or even tied to the bed. Time to be creative and express your desires and make them come true, the limits are up to you!

But above all, the most important thing when it comes to enjoying any sexual relationship is your expectations. Because it is very easy to imagine how it can or should be. And then, of course, there are disappointments. What is clear is that menopause should not be seen as the end of sex and of being at ease with yourself. But as a new opportunity to explore a whole new world of sensations. 

For all this, it is very important to let your mind go blank, to let yourself go and to explore physically. To be able to rely on trust, understanding and good communication. The menopause is ultimately a natural process of multiple changes. It is therefore advisable to turn to and ask professionals about possible pain or to resolve any doubts. 

In the end, what counts most is to be comfortable, calm, forget prejudices and rediscover yourself. Getting to know yourself better in order to fall in love with yourself again. To be at ease in order to be able to enjoy all the earthly and physical pleasures that the body has to offer.