Kivin Method: provide an orgasm quickly

The clitoris, that great unknown for many people, protagonist of pleasure and cause of many female orgasms. The Kivin method is a way, a technique, that promises, in just three minutes, with the help of oral sex, to provoke female ecstasy.

A good way to leave behind all the worries about whether the orgasm will have been faked or not, wondering if you are doing it right, discovering the female erogenous zones, and so on. All the taboos and questions that may appear in the mind and that only distract and take away from being able to intensely enjoy such a personal and intimate pleasure as sex can be satisfactory. 

kivin method

How does the Kivin method work?

A good way to stimulate the female genital area, one of the most sensitive erogenous zones of the human body. It consists of three simple steps, that well combined, can become moans of intense, wet and delicious pleasure. 

For anyone who wants to become a sexual god, capable of awakening female attraction and desire, just follow these instructions.

  1. Place the head between the thighs of the woman in question. But while she lies on her back, the person who intends to give her pleasure has to do it on her side, with one of her legs on top.
  2. For the Kivin method to work properly, it is necessary to place the clitoris between the index finger and thumb, as if it were a clamp. This is intended to hold and fix it. But be careful! It is important to avoid pressing too hard. It is still a very sensitive area and the aim is to provoke pleasure, not pain.
  3. Once this is done, it is time for the tongue to intervene. In this way, instead of going over the vulva from top to bottom, in the direction of the vaginal lips, it is done from side to side, from right to left.

There are even some sexologists, such as Annabelle Knight, who advise placing the other hand on the perineum area. That is, between the end of the vulva and the anus to detect the contractions that occur just before orgasm. They are the ones that will give the definitive clue to concentrate and intensify the stimulations.

Orgasm in only 3 minutes, is it possible?

In order to enjoy sex, several things are important. The first and foremost, is to have a blank mind. Forget about possible worries and responsibilities and let yourself go. Live the moment, focus only on all the sensations provoked in every centimeter of skin.

For this, communication is also important. Shame and taboos aside, in order to intensify pleasure, it is first necessary to identify it and then be able to discuss what you enjoy most in bed and practice it. 

The Kivin method is just one of the infinite ways to reach orgasm. From closing your eyes, moaning, screaming, gripping the mattress tightly, wetting the sheets and even scratching your lover’s back. 

A good way to combine three key points, sexually speaking: hands, posture and tongue. What are the movements that best stimulate the most intimate area? How much is known about the clitoris?

Three, five, fifteen, thirty minutes, does it matter that much? Unless it’s a quickie or you want a quick one for whatever reason. Today, more than ever, it is important to dedicate time, pamper yourself and learn to stimulate yourself. Personal and intimate pleasure and satisfaction. Then, with the necessary practice and experimentation, you can become a professional. As if it were a training. 


Just like Monica in the TV show Friends, she practically has an orgasm just by imagining how to stimulate her erogenous zones, with the Kivin method it works in a similar way. You just have to find the right way and the right order. Like a culinary recipe, with ingredients and steps to follow. And that, of course, results in a loud and intense orgasm. So it is best to make sure you are alone at home before practicing it, so you can make as much noise as you want..

Much better than Satisfyer

Much has been written about how to perform the perfect cunnilingus. Lots of tongue, lubrication, circular movements, posture, vibrations, suction and a long etcetera. There are even sex toys that can help intensify and complement this pleasure.  

But what the Kivin method proposes in a very simple way is to find pleasure and intensify it with three simple keys. No need to complicate your life, find pleasure in the smallest details.

To reach ecstasy with these three things in mind, what is there to lose? Just set the timer, and let the movements flow. Let yourself be lifted and feel it all with your legs open. While the “giver” of pleasure tastes and experiments between them, playing with his hands and tongue trying to maximize the orgasm.