The main causes of erection disorders

It is necessary to be informed and above all not to create a drama about the matter. The causes of erection disorders can be very diverse so it may not be as worrying as it seems. Most cases depend, to a large extent, on the pressure the man himself causes on himself to meet expectations, or on the reaction of the other person with whom he intended to have sex.

It’s always been said that men need more sex than women. That it’s in their genetics, they can’t help it and they always feel like it. That’s why “not being up to it”, not satisfying a lover and even not getting up at the time of action, can become their worst nightmare and one of their main erection disorders.

In these situations, you have to know how to react. The best thing is to remain calm and not show disappointment. Emphasize that nothing happens, and try to help the man to relax and excite him through their own methods. Although some only want to be alone and to flee from the situation since it supposes to them much shame. It is something that they do not control, and as in many situations of the most unexpected, the penis becomes erect, either in public or newly awakened, in others, however, does not get up even if they want.

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Main causes of erection disorders

Why does it happen? Knowing the causes, it is easier for these situations not to occur and to enjoy a more active and full sexual life. The first thing to know is that erection is produced by an assembly between the brain, nerves, hormones and blood vessels. So if any of these components are not right, the result is not the same.

First of all, one of the possible causes of erection problems may be simply psychological. Stress, anxiety or routine can greatly affect this type of situation. That is why it is important to relax, breathe and enjoy the moment.

Then, in a second place, it may be due to some diseases. Some heart diseases, blood pressure, diabetes and even thyroid. Seeing medical professionals and regularly monitoring your own health is very important. So is taking care of yourself to avoid getting sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

Another possible cause of erection disorders is undoubtedly the side effects of some medications that treat other diseases or conditions. Sometimes, those mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Finally, another major reason is erectile disorder. But this usually occurs in older men and these are cases that should be checked and treated by professionals.

And we couldn’t forget to mention bad habits and drug taking. Among them are alcohol or cocaine abuse. One or two drinks can even be beneficial as it uninhibits and makes you lose some of your shame. But when they add up and you lose track of time and control over your own body, it is counterproductive. Because you don’t really enjoy it or remember it the next day. That is why many, although more many women, wake up after nights of partying with unexpected company and only want to get rid of it so they don’t see each other again.

Potential solutions

There are many different ways to solve the main reasons for erection disorders. In addition to the already mentioned going to doctors and having regular check-ups.

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Other recommendations:

  • Exercise regularly. Does going out for a run 2 kilometers a week help? It refers more specifically to cardiovascular and Kegel exercises. Those that help improve blood circulation and activate the heart. In addition to exercising the muscles in the genital area. These are in charge of supporting the internal organs, helping the erection and even prolonging it and controlling urination.
  • Seek peace and quiet as well as internal balance, a routine away from stress and anxiety. Even if it is necessary you can go to specialists such as psychologists who can help unblock and release all the accumulated pressure.

In any case, it should not be an excessive concern, as it may arise for various reasons, some more serious than others. But if you lead a healthy life and take a few cares, it is very likely that the problem will not appear. Even so, and despite everything, it should not be a reason for excessive concern or discomfort. It only encourages creativity and originality when it comes to sexual pleasure, both giving and receiving. Of course, without forgetting to continue monitoring your own health and care with the help of professionals.

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