Skokka WorldCup in Russia 2018

The Skokka WorldCup is now on. Once again we made a full deployment of mediums and human resources. We have started a new campaign that will leave an impression during this 2018 Russia World Cup. And since it couldn’t be in any other way, the boys and girls of Skokka are the ones that will directly support their teams during this World Cup.

For an event of such magnitude as the football world cup we wanted to work with the biggest amount of campaigns and actions possible. If there is still someone on Earth that doesn’t know our brand, with this event that we wanted to make ours, no one will resist joining the Skokka WorldCup.

Skokka WorldCup

Peru and Brazil are the two countries where we have spent more time and resources this time around. There are two newspapers in Peru that will further spread the news of Skokka WorldCup. Skokka will appear among their pages during the whole run of the 2018 Russia World Cup.

Will there still be someone in Peru that doesn’t know Skokka? Will someone resist joining the Skokka WorldCup?

In Brazil we also opted for offline advertising, once again. Here, the Skokka WorldCup is present among the classified ads pages of many different newspapers in the most important cities in the country. A country as big as Brazil and with a passion towards football that many others don’t have needed such a campaign.

As you already know this isn’t the first time that we put ads in newspapers of the country. The first time we did it worked so well and had such a good response that we put an ad between the classified ads pages of one of the biggest newspapers in Sao Paulo. We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to repeat it again.

This time around Sao Paulo wasn’t enough though, and we decided to also cover the metropolitan area of Guarulhos. We wanted even more and that’s why we chose to bet for other cities such as Belo Horizonte or Fortaleza by putting ads in the biggest news sites.

Skokka League

Besides, they, our own advertisers, wanted to partake in this movement. How? They sent us their best pictures with the colours of their football team to show their support.

They have officially turned into our Skokka League. They will support this way their team during the matches in the world cup. With this you can see how far the Skokka WorldCup has reached, it even crossed oceans.

It is your moment. If you don’t want to lose your chance to see who is going to represent Argentina, or maybe you want to know who is going to support Mexico’s team during their first match… or perhaps Colombia, just go to Twitter, search for us and become part of the Skokka WorldCup. Search for us as @skokka_en(falta enlace) in Twitter and learn everything new we have for you during this event that will affect the whole world.

Skokka World Wide

We wanted to collaborate with hundreds of websites from all over the world with our banners. How else would you see all we had in store for you?

It is with images like these that we couldn’t resist from making you become part of our team, to become part of the Skokka Team and the Skokka WorldCup.

And you? Would you click in one of our banners to have your dreamt date? Have we made up your mind with these images?

I also want to be part of Skokka

As you already know, Skokka is the global leader in the classified ads for adults field. It is a website used as reference on an international level. It has branches in more than 20 countries.

The biggest branches that work as headquarters and make the project keep going are in Italy, Spain and Albania. These are filled with a great human team that run all the activities that keep the brand alive.

With this campaign we tried to, once again, increase your trust in us and improve your impression of Skokka overall. So you see that we are a trustworthy and honest brand. We’ve tried to keep the same good image we’ve had from the very beginning. We are now an international brand, present in more than 20 different countries… but we haven’t forgotten that we work for you, that you are our reason of being and that you are the reason why we work every day.

What will we do next? Which big event will we partake in next? Skokka will participate in an astonishing way, as always. Keep up to all our communication channels and discover it yourself. Find us on Twitter (falta enlace) or Instagram (falta enlace) and learn about all the new stuff that we have ready for you. We’ll see you soon!

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