Most common mistakes while posting ads

Skokka is an adult classifieds platform available in many countries, 26 to be precise. The people who offer their services usually publish with us due to the prestige of the brand and its high visibility and positioning in large search engines and the internet. But, on many occasions, it is not all rosy. Like so many other companies and brands, Skokka has its own internal rules and conditions of use, which, in turn, are influenced by the legislation of each territory. That is why we have a great team of people in charge of reviewing and maintaining the proper use and condition of the site. But what are the most common mistakes when posting an ad on Skokka that get an ad deleted?

This is an uncomfortable situation for the user because, on many occasions, they do not understand the reasons why their ad is no longer there. 

most common mistakes

What are the most common mistakes when posting on Skokka?

Skokka is a brand that seeks to help and give visibility to anyone who so desires. That is why it focuses all its efforts on keeping all its websites useful. In other words, it works to avoid and keep fraud and scams away so that the desired contacts can be made in a safe and effective method.

That is why we have decided to explain in a simple list. The most common mistakes users make when posting their ads on Skokka. A series of the most common errors so that they can be avoided in the publications. So if you want to publish and keep your ad, make sure you do NOT do the following:

  1. Many of the same or similar ads. Be especially careful when writing the content of the advert and the title as posting the same thing too many times can be considered SPAM.
  2. Ads with phone numbers or social networks in the photos. 
  3. Any indication of minors will be automatically excluded. Skokka is an adult-only portal.
  4. Photos that are too raw or explicit
  5. We advise you to post ads with phone numbers, as they have no contact details and can easily be mistaken as spam or fake.
  6. Using the wrong category. Before posting your ad, make sure you know all the categories available to make sure which one is right for you.
  7. Advertise with references to product sales, room rentals and other things that violate Skokka’s posting guidelines. 
  8. Ads related in any way to official bodies. 
  9. Ads with direct or explicit references to price or money.

Tips to avoid common mistakes

When posting an ad, what nobody wants is, moments later, to receive an email notifying them or to discover that it has been removed and is no longer available. 

A while ago, in this blog, there was a small guide to avoid your ad disappearing. It tries to explain the rules and how to act if the ad is deleted. All to help and facilitate the use and experience of the site and to ensure quality ads. 

Therefore, the first thing we recommend is to read and understand all the terms and conditions of use on Skokka. These can be found in a link at the bottom of each page as the Terms and Conditions. It is accessible for all users to consult whenever they want, as many times as necessary.

To check it now, and avoid the most common mistakes just click here:

In case of doubts, please get in touch with us

Skokka has many channels of communication for any problems or queries. Apart from its official profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where you can follow us and keep up to date with the latest news.

To avoid the most common mistakes, contact us. If you have had an ad removed and want to know why or have any questions about how the Skokka website works, please contact us.

In case your user or ad is showing as blocked, please contact

Therefore our support team will be able to help you solve the problem as soon as possible. In the image below you can see each and every one of the direct contact mails per country to this department. So that by writing directly to us you can receive the information and help you need.

Therefore, when in doubt and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact and write to our support department who will help you in everything you need. We will answer you as soon as possible to try to assist you as much as we can!