Lead the TOP of Skokka. Buy credits to be in the first pages

Have you published your ad but you want more? You don’t want to disappear from the first pages of Skokka? We have the solution to your problems. With this little step by step guide you’ll learn all the tricks to stay in the first pages of our website. You will be able to be in the TOP of Skokka and choose how many days you want to be on the first pages. Besides, you will be able to promote during a specific time period from the tree options that we have available. Write down what we are about to tell you, step by step, and discover how to increase the amount of phone calls you get.

Top Skokka. How can I promote my ad?

To buy the credits that you will use to promote your ad, and position it above your competition in the TOP of Skokka, you must log in the website to check and edit the ad that you have in our web. Enter with your usual user and password.

Now, to buy credits, you must click on the button credits. You can also check your previous purchases if you have already have done it in previous occasions in the section purchase history. In this window will appear the credits that you have left to use. You can also see the credits you’ve used and consumed together with the total of credits bought in Skokka.

Top of Skokka AU

In the buy credits tab you will be able to check the packages of credit that exist, according to the country where you want to promote your ad (falta enlace). Also, you will see the cost in your current currency. This way you won’t have to do any kind of conversion process and it will be even easier for you.

Select the pack that you want to buy. For every package of credits that you buy to promote yourself in the TOP of Skokka there will be extra free credits. Now you just have to click in buy credits to be able to continue with the buying process. Then you can decide the payment option among all the possibilities we offer.

Payment options for the TOP of Skokka

Check the price and the product that you have selected in the cart. You can buy credits in Skokka with an array of different payment options such as debit card, credit card, PaySafeCard or even Bitcoin.

You just have to click on the button BUY CREDITS to finish the purchase. Enjoy the amount of days that you decide 1, 7,15 or 30 with your new promoted ad in the TOP of Skokka. You can also decide whether to promote it in the morning or in the afternoon. The most chosen package is from 9AM to 6PM. Does it fit you as well? Do you prefer another schedule?

Remember that if you have any problem or doubt you can contact with our support service at support@skokka.com where they can help you in everything that you need.

We are waiting for you in our social media accounts to give an even bigger visibility to your ad. Shall we contact? Look up for us on Twitter or Instagram (falta enlace bueno).

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