Best-selling sex toys around the world

The variety of sex toys is wide

Being in a relationship for many years can mean that routine can take its toll. In some cases, what starts out as small arguments end up leading to a break-up. Sex toys help to avoid this type of situation, as it is necessary to break the monotony and liven up the relationship from time to time.

An increasing number of couples are aware of this, so they do not hesitate to buy sex toys to solve the problem and even prevent it from arising in the future. Naturally, simple pleasure is another reason why so many people are keen on these products.

Whatever the reason that makes you want to get your hands on some sex toys, you should know that certain products in particular are very successful, so you’re sure to get it right by choosing any of them.

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Sex toys to spice up sex life

Vibrating egg with remote control

We begin by talking about a product that, before the technological evolution that the erotic sector has recently undergone, did not exist: the vibrating egg. This gadget is activated remotely, specifically by means of a remote control.

The girl, after inserting it, can begin to feel the most pleasurable sensations. It is her own partner who is responsible for choosing one level of intensity or another, increasing and decreasing the power depending on the situation.

Thanks to the discretion of the vibrating egg, it can be used in many different scenarios. One of the most common is when dining in a romantic restaurant. The high temperature gradually takes over your partner until you get home and devour each other in bed.

Clitoral Sucker – Top sellers among sex toys

Although vaginal orgasms are some of the most intense orgasms, most women experience clitoral orgasms the most. It is not difficult to provoke an orgasm with the mouth, although the suction that is necessary to do so can be quite tiring for the tongue, lips, jaw and mouth in general. But what if a device takes care of that?

This is precisely what the creators of the clitoral suction device had in mind. Despite only being on the market for a few years, Satisfyer has become one of the best-selling sex toys in the world. And no wonder, since it makes women look like stars.

Models such as the Satisfyer Pro 2 have long been a top seller. In fact, some men and women give it as a gift to their girlfriends or wives. It is also common that the surprise of winning a Satisfyer is received with great enthusiasm, helped in part by the presentation of these products in a beautiful box.

The satisfaction of sucking the clitoris with the Satisfyer is already a delight, but even better if vaginal penetration is performed at the same time.

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Dildo with suction cup

Now that we have mentioned penetration, it is time to talk about another of the most successful sex toys. We are referring to the dildo, but not to all of them, rather to one in particular which has a fundamental element: the suction cup.

Although with other sex toys penetration can also be performed without the need for the virile member, it can be a bit uncomfortable or unrealistic to have to make use of your hands. However, everything changes if the dildo is fixed to the bathroom screen, the headboard of the bed, and so on.

The suction cup allows the hands to remain free during penetration, so they can be used to hold the body steady in various positions that are popular with both girls and guys who want to enjoy the penetration of sex toys. The most popular is the doggy style.

Masturbator for men

Masturbator for men is basically a hand piece designed to insert the penis.

While it is true that the last of the sex toys we mentioned is suitable for both men and women, this one, which is also very popular all over the world, is designed just for the male audience.

It is noteworthy that these masturbators simulate various parts of the male or female body. The mouth is one of them, with lips that allow you to imagine that fellatio is taking place.

Sex toys are also marketed in the form of anus or vagina. In all cases, a lubricant is commonly incorporated to make the experience much more pleasurable.

Vibrating ring with clitoral stimulator

We end with one of the sex toys that couples take most advantage of. Both men and women benefit a lot from this very popular product.

Vibrating ring provides longer lasting erections, which is appreciated by both partners. Besides, when placed on the shaft of the penis, one of its parts comes into contact with the clitoris, which is then stimulated during penetration, causing a lot of pleasure.