These positions are top to better feel your penis

Size does matter. It is one of the most widespread phrases about sex, but to what extent is this true? Breasts and asses, the bigger the better? And the same happens with penises? As if size is related to pleasure. So, the bigger it is, the more you like it. The answer to all this is simple, it doesn’t have to be. It’s important to know yourself and discover all the opportunities and “tools” you can use to stimulate and increase pleasure. For example, the perfect positions to intensify sensitivity and feel your penis better.

Many people like to play with that part of the body. Touching it, holding it, licking it and seeing how its owner writhes in pleasure. Although the first reaction to seeing or feeling it is one of the most important. Depending on the situation, some will want to run away while others will say like Cameron Diaz in The Sweetest Thing, “it doesn’t fit here”.

XXL or XXS penis?

Among the complexes, embarrassment and nervousness go the people with male genitalia worrying about whether their size will be enough. And there are many different types of penis, not just in size. Be it pencil, mushroom, curved, cone….

So how do you know which one is the best? Unfortunately, there is nothing perfect and, as they say, there is a taste for everything. Many resort to miraculous penis enlargement methods, others claim that condoms are to blame for not feeling completely and even blame pornography, which show scenes of how ‘the bigger the better’.

But, surprise! In any situation, regardless of size, it can be satisfying or not. Because it’s also important to take into account sexual fantasies, place, arousal, erotic toys and even manual and oral skills.


Positions to feel penetration

To enjoy an intense orgasm, it is not enough to put it in any way. The position and movements are very important. When the right parts of the human body are rubbed, the spark of pleasure is produced, which spreads quickly and ends between gasps and moans.

She on top

When the person to be penetrated is placed on top, there are two main benefits. The first is that this allows to maximize the depth of penetration and the second is that it is possible to choose the rhythm and movements according to the sensations.

In this case it could be contemplated, the cowgirl, the inverted cowgirl, squatting, wheelbarrow or in the chair. So in this case, it would appear that the penis adopts a more passive posture, being guided by the other person. While you can simply enjoy the view, or help hold and grope as much as possible.

She below

In this case, the roles are exchanged. The person who performs and controls the movements is the same person who performs the penetration. That is why the most popular positions are some like doggy style, leg or legs to shoulder, missionary, face down, leg up or pretzel. 

In this way a more intense rhythm is achieved, as well as a greater access to the stimulation of the sexual partner. In addition, they involve sexual positions of a more passive role, perhaps for them.


Standing up, the typical fantasy of taking from behind, or of spooning: These are two of the positions that also facilitate penetration, every movement and friction of the penis in the vagina, anus or any other part of the body.

Even the quickie, on the table, chair or car, in the water or against the wall. Control each movement according to your flexibility and strength to intensify the sexual lust, experience the sensations produced and let yourself be carried away by the passion.

Which of these positions is the best?

The answer to this question is very simple and complex at the same time: It depends. There are many factors that influence the satisfaction of a sexual relationship. Stress, fatigue, way of being, desire, place… But beyond the size of the penis, above all it is important to know how to use it.

Finding the rhythm, the posture, the perfect time… and everything you need to enjoy to the fullest can be complicated. You can help yourself with some lubricant or erotic toy to enhance the sensations. As well as keeping your hands active during the insertion and removal. But what makes it most difficult is to think too much.

So it is better to forget expectations, worries and shame, let yourself go, experiment and enjoy. Taste and practise every posture and movement until you discover which one is the most pleasurable. 

Wet all the sheets, fill the room with moans and enjoy intense orgasms while searching for the perfect position. A training and practice that can be a lot of fun and entertaining while reaching the goal.