Hygiene habits before and after sex

When it comes to having sex it is important to consider positions, fantasies… But what you also have to think about and take into account is your health, in particular, your sexual health. Taking care of yourself and your sexual partners is important to be able to enjoy without worries. Beyond possible infections of Sexually Transmitted Diseases or unwanted pregnancies. These are very simple steps. Quick and simple things to keep in mind to maintain good hygiene habits before and after each sexual intercourse.

Why is it important to maintain good hygiene habits?

As already mentioned, it is clear that everyone wants to avoid serious health problems. Especially when it is related to such intimate parts of the body as the genitals.

They are very sensitive areas, so while they can be pleasurable, they can cause a lot of pain if not properly cared for. Any slight irritation or infection can lead to great discomfort. Not to mention that it can quickly deepen and worsen. 

That is why the most advisable thing to do is to visit specialists on a continuous basis. Visit gynecologists and urologists on a regular basis (at least once a year) to make sure that everything is going well and that hygiene habits are correct. In addition to resolving any possible doubts you may have.

hygiene habits

What hygiene habits are important?

As can be done, there are many options and alternatives that can be performed. Although, mainly, the objective is to eliminate possible toxins and dryness that may affect the most used areas during sexual intercourse, the genitals.

Assuming that each person has minimum daily hygiene habits, below are several options that will help make all sexual relations more pleasant and safe.

Barrier or contraceptive methods

The safest thing, in the end, is to choose to use one of these methods in order to maintain hygiene and avoid possible infections and even unwanted pregnancies. Great examples would be the condom, the pill and the diaphragm.

There are even protectors to perform and enjoy oral sex. The best thing to do is to get informed and ask questions in order to choose the most suitable for each one of us.

Cleaning before and after as one of the best hygiene habits

If you have had an encounter with an escort or are just browsing through the experiences of other users in forums, you can see that it is even “normal” to take a shower after sex.

Why? Perhaps it is not so necessary to do it every time you have sex, although it is preferable. What they do recommend is to go to the restroom to urinate at least or clean the area well before and after.

Similarly, it is desirable if you have eaten or drunk too much just before the encounter. But this, rather than for hygiene, is mainly to avoid a more unpleasant experience. After all, the ultimate goal is to have fun.

Lubricants and sex toys

If you want to spice up things and add flavouring to the relationship with some other companion, it is important to take other things into account. As it can be a dildo, clitoral suction, vibrating ring… Each one depends on its material and utility and requires specific care and maintenance, as well as cleaning. They are usually specified in a small instruction booklet.

It is also very important to be informed and know the hygiene procedures of these small or large objects. Mainly because they come into direct contact with very intimate areas of the body. 

That is why it is inadvisable to use anything you have around the house for self-satisfaction. Because accidents can happen such as breakage, germs, roughness… Things that can easily end in pain and worry rather than pleasure. So the risk is generally not worth it.

Casual encounters

How many times has the question “And you, how many people have you had sex with?” been asked. It seems that the more sex you have and the more people you have sex with the better. But you also have to take into account that the risk is also higher. 

Not everyone has the same awareness, nor do they give the same importance to hygiene habits before, during and after sex.  Everyone takes care of themselves in their own way, and increasing the number of sexual partners without knowing them or any kind of protection can lead to a scare. So enjoy it and have pleasure, yes, but also be careful.

Doing it during menstruation

For most it can be a taboo subject and even somewhat unpleasant. But if all the people who are going to participate in the sexual relation are in agreement, it is totally enjoyable. It helps with lubrication, reduces pain… Of course, afterwards you may have to put in a washing machine.

Regarding hygiene habits, it is important to know that if you have sex during menstruation, the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) is higher. This is mainly due to the fluids that are exchanged.

Just as when any sexual practice, such as anal, is very painful or even some blood can be observed, it is important to stop. A good stimulation and preparation of the environment, as well as the area so that everything flows and is enjoyed is the most important thing. 


Maintaining good hygiene habits and taking care of your sexual health is simple and you don’t need to do much. You just need to be aware and take small actions. This way, you can enjoy intense orgasms, sweat, moan and pant without worry. So it’s best to read up, get informed and ask the experts so you can live your sexuality to the fullest without risk.