G-spot: truths and lies

Reaching orgasm can be very difficult or very easy. Thank goodness there is a magic zone made with extreme sensitivity to make it easier. All people are supposed to have a G-spot. An easy place to stimulate and reach the ecstasy of pleasure. But despite its great usefulness, how much is known about it?

First things first, it is an internal area in both men and women. It is named after its discoverer, Ernst Gräfenberg, a German gynaecologist based in New York. This “discovery” is not even a hundred years old, as it was first discovered in 1940. That is why the whole term can still be somewhat confusing. 

Female G-spot

For all people with a vagina, it is located inside the vagina. A few centimetres from the entrance, at the front, it has a spongy texture. When it comes to stimulating it, it is relatively simple. It can be done alone or with others.

With your own fingers is perhaps the easiest. You just insert your middle and ring finger (third and fourth fingers) and once inside, like Spiderman, bend them. In this way, the popular G-spot of people with vaginas can be detected very well. And if you add some tongue to these movements while pulling out and inserting again, the woman will probably end up screaming and moaning.

Therefore, to stimulate these areas, the best positions for them are usually lying on their back or in doggy style. A formula that can end up with the also known squirting. Although not all of them are able to perform it, it is a “squirting” ejaculation.

g-spot female

Men also have a G-spot

People with penises, in this case, are not going to be left behind. They also have their extremely sensitive spot. In this case it can also be known as the P-spot. But in their case it is located next to the prostate gland (hence its name). This means that it can only be stimulated through an area that may be “taboo” for some men: the anus. 

Just a few centimetres inside it is the famous male G-spot, capable of provoking intense pleasure. Yes, that’s right, to experience it, penetration is necessary, just as in the case of the vagina. With fingers, penis, or the help of an erotic toy it can be a very gratifying experience. 

So with trust, communication, desire and a little lubricant, orgasms seem to be guaranteed.

Extreme pleasure guaranteed

It is true that the G-spot is a highly sensitive area. But contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t work like a button. It is a myth that just by touching it, pleasure is instantaneous. 

I wish it worked like that. The pleasure would be much more intense but perhaps a little more boring because it would be so easy to achieve. Such expectations often lead to sexual disappointments later in reality. So it is important to experiment and try. Everyone is different and enjoys it differently.

Is it the only special “spot” on the body?

It is important to remember that, yes, this area is sensitive and you need to know how to stimulate it. But in the same way, many sexologists and experts also talk about the A, K, U points… In the same way, there are many other erogenous zones and even fantasies and fetishes capable of provoking an orgasm. So, it is better to combine it with other things to ensure pleasure.

For example, beyond the genitals, there is the neck, the ears, the nipples, the ass and even the feet. It’s all a matter of letting yourself go, trying and experiencing how everything feels. Knowing your own body and your partner’s is fundamental.

g-spot men

Is it the same as the clitoris or the perineum?

No, they are completely different things. As already mentioned, the G-spot, or P-spot in the case of people with a penis, is located on the inside of the vagina or anus. The clitoris, which has an external and internal part, is located at the top, protected by the vaginal lips.

The perineum, on the other hand, is the set of muscles that form the lower pelvic floor. This means that it runs from the clitoris or testicles to the anus. Doing different exercises to strengthen them can be very beneficial for general health and to intensify pleasure. But it can also bring about an orgasm if they are stimulated in the right way.

Diversity is the spice of life

Nowadays there are many people who deny the true existence of the G-spot. But does it really matter whether it exists or not? What is really important is to discover what you really enjoy between the sheets and outside them. Yourself and your possible sexual partner. Practices that can be a lot of fun, exploring one’s own body and that of other people. Experimenting, letting yourself go and just enjoying every caress, pressure, lick, bite… 

It is only necessary to find a space in which to relax, make yourself comfortable and either alone or accompanied or with a toy, object or lubricant, the concert of orgasms can begin.