Best positions to enjoy oral sex

In sex there are many different practices, but the main and most pleasurable is penetration. There are also other practices that can be just as good, like oral sex. Although it is perfectly combinable, and can help intensify all the sensations. But what is the best position to perform it? 

There is a trick to this. It’s not about sticking your tongue in just any old way, it’s important that the movements and pressure are made on the right parts to stimulate them. You can also suck and lick the whole body (especially particularly sensitive parts like the neck, ears or nipples), but oral sex is mainly about genital contact with the mouth. Something that perhaps more than one person would like to be able to do to themselves. 

It is so popular and pleasurable that it even has several days when it is celebrated; the most important being World Oral Sex Day on 6 September. A date that refers to the posture, par excellence, of this sexual practice.

Everything you should know about Oral Sex

Firstly, the practice is known by various names, depending on who it is performed with. For example, if it is performed in the vagina, it is popularly called cunnilingus. Similarly, if it is performed in the anus, it is called anilingus or Greek kiss (about which you can find more information in other blog posts).

As for the male gender or people with penises, its specific name would be fellatio or blowjob. Although there are also many expressions that refer to more informal oral sex, depending on the country or area.

In this type of practice, it is important to remember two things: hygiene and not biting. That would be like two laws when it comes to making a good oral and being able to enjoy it without worries.

Other issues that arise, are for example:

  • Warn when you are going to finish and ejaculate. 
  • Remember that it is possible to contract a sexually transmitted disease or infection (STD).
  • A question of size. Will it fit in the mouth? Many enjoy deep throat but no one wants a nasty ending.

That is why, as in any sexual practice, good communication is fundamental, as well as good hygiene. Knowing the limits and the desire of both to experiment is important. 

There are some, even, who practice oral sex with genital-like fruits, such as bananas, or even with a toothbrush. Improving technique, breathing and gag reflexes is recommended. Although the latter, known as gagging, can also be very pleasurable for some.  

oral sex

Best positions to enjoy oral sex

When it comes to enjoyment, how can you know what to prioritize, comfort… pleasure? Because in some erotic videos, it seems that you have to be very flexible to have good oral sex. 

The 69

This is a classic, typical position to perform this sexual practice. Whether on the side or on top of each other, the idea is to perform oral sex at the same time. Leaving the access free with legs open to give and receive. Combine orgasms and moans as you explore the most intimate part of the other person. This can be even more exciting as you feel and watch the other person’s pleasure. In this way, Humming (vibrating the mouth directly over the genitals) can be practiced involuntarily. It is like a vibrator, but accompanied by a natural lubricant (saliva) and tongue.

 Doggy style

This position is also known as doggy style. It is very simple, the person who is going to receive is placed on all fours, while the one who is going to give is positioned behind in the same position, or lying on the back with the mouth between their sexual partner’s legs. It depends on what you want to lick and how comfortable you both are. 

On your knees

Another classic for an oral or fellatio. In it the person receiving is standing or sitting, while the person doing it is kneeling in front of them, so that their mouth is at the perfect height. Here, if desired, a pillow can be placed under the knees to increase comfort. 

In this way, the person who is standing has a wide view and can even place hands on the head of the person who is giving oral sex and move hips to control depth and rhythm. A perfect opportunity to enjoy gagging or deep throat.

Sitting on top

Like the previous one, these are postures related to domination and submission. There are two versions. If it is a cunnilingus, the one who is to receive puts his knees on either side of his partner (who is lying down) and literally sits on his face. This ensures depth and great accessibility, as well as the ability to move the hips and deepen the stimulation not only with the mouth.

In the case of fellatio, the person who is going to perform it positions herself on the bed with her head slightly out to favor the angle. While the person who is going to receive oral sex stands up on the side of the bed or on the knees. It is he who will perform the movements of introducing the penis into the mouth.

Lying down, a classic position for oral sex

Another super popular position. The person who is going to receive oral sex is lying down with her legs open. While the one who is going to perform it is positioned between her legs. One of the benefits that usually increase the arousal in this position is to be able to look into the eyes while practicing and enjoying it.

From then on, the point is to let yourself go, experiment and choose the way you like best. Although there are many more positions to try, these are just examples of the most popular ones. Also, for those who want to innovate, it is always possible to consult the Kama Sutra.