Penis size myths

Size matters. An oft-repeated phrase that has been a source of concern for many men. Today, unfortunately, the male member continues to be a symbol of virility and synonymous with sexual potency. That is why it is necessary to talk about some of the myths about penis size. In order to eliminate all worries and to be able to enjoy yourself with peace of mind.

Is it possible to grow a penis?

The short answer is yes. But it is important to know that the variation is likely to be very small. 

Many advertisements mention miracle products that will make that part of the body grow dramatically. But nothing could be further from the truth. They create expectations for all those people who have this desire but end up disappointed.

Penis enlargement operations are even performed to achieve this. According to data, the countries where they are most commonly performed are Venezuela, Germany and Spain.

The bigger the better 

Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate and Selma Blair say so in the film “The Sweetest thing”. In any case, in the moment before sex, when you undress, it is important to show surprise and praise your penis. This increases your self-confidence and allows you to let yourself go and focus only on pleasure.

But to what extent is it true that “bigger is better” and why be happy about gaining centimetres? Size equals pleasure?

penis size miyhs

This may be one of the biggest myths, because the answer is no. Too many things influence the time it takes to get bigger. Too many things play a role in finding sex satisfying and size may be just one of them. 

Comfort, sexual desire, other worries, embarrassment, inexperience… Even the place, the environment and the time you have can be definitive to reach ecstasy. It may seem something new, but the penis is not the only protagonist and responsible for pleasure. There are hundreds of very different sexual practices capable of producing that satisfaction. There is even one that is literally called “the king out” and has already been discussed in another post on this blog: the Kings out.

Short people have a bigger penis size

Practically everyone who has a penis has had it measured at some point. Either with a tape measure or by comparing it to other objects. For example, a deodorant, the TV remote control, the telephone or even gel. 

On the other hand, everyone is also familiar with the “L-rule”. According to this rule, one part of the L is the height and the other part is the dick. So someone who is tall is supposed to have a smaller dick than someone who is shorter. But scientific studies have disproved this belief. 

In the end it is a matter of genetics. In the same way it seems that all dark-skinned people are supposed to have giant dicks or Asians are supposed to have very small dicks. There are cases and cases. There are even those who claim that no two penises are the same, which seems to be quite accurate.

Women care a lot about penis size

It seems that the origin of the male preoccupation is not being able to satisfy his sexual partner. Especially if it is a woman. When several studies have revealed that it is just the other way around.

It seems that women attach more importance to the thickness of the penis, rather than its length. This is because it better stimulates the right areas of the body to provoke orgasm. 

Obviously there are those who do care and it does influence arousal but it is not the most important thing. In fact, several surveys state that female preferences vary by penis size, whether it is for a night of passion or for a more serious relationship.

penis size

How long is the world’s largest penis?

It seems that the record is held by a Mexican man with up to 48 centimetres called Roberto Esquível, followed by actor Jonah Falcon with 35 centimetres. 

When thinking about sexual relations, it may seem useful but it also has its disadvantages. Walking, working, moving and even having sex can be difficult and even painful. Roberto himself admitted that he has only ever slept with one woman. 

Meanwhile, the world’s smallest penis seems to be Mike Carson from Miami at 1.5 millimetres. A big difference, but which is better? Because the bigger ones seem to be more enjoyable, but when it is smaller there seems to be more interest in satisfying the sexual partner. So, the debate is served.

This is a very controversial and completely personal issue. Everyone has an opinion. The important thing is to learn to love and enjoy one’s body and all its parts. To avoid any complexes. To let yourself go and open your mind to take advantage of any opportunity for pleasure that presents itself. 

Like Joe Manganiello’s character in Magic Mike. In this case he has a larger than average penis size and is frustrated at not being able to have sex because it doesn’t fit most women. 

So beyond sizes, since women also get self-conscious about the size of their breasts and buttocks, it is important to know how to use and enjoy them. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages that nowadays can be combined with postures, practices or sex toys to achieve satisfactory sex.