What is Splosh?

Martina    16 April 2021    No Comments on What is Splosh?

Sex and fetishes, a combination that makes sense to many. Besides, it’s clear that many fetishes have no limits or dislikes. Some tricks are better known than others. Do many people know what splosh is?

The name is suggestive. It is not of today that many couples enjoy getting wet and into an explosion of flavors, using this type of practice. One can literally say that it is an explosive practice of colors, flavors and textures. 

Based on the main feature which is the use of food and some types of beverages, splosh can also be dirty and use inedible materials. Perhaps, it may be difficult to understand for those who see the practice from the outside. 

A topic so interesting and that can help to leave the hottest relationships is part of the curiosities of Skokka. Here we explain what it is and who is willing to practice it.


Splosh: wet your sex

This is a practice that comes from the times of the Roman orgies. The idea was to enhance and explore the senses of pleasure with other substances. 

Meanwhile, Splosh is used as an explosion term. In this case, it is the combination of sex with food, drink, and any other liquid or more malleable material that can be used. 

From there, it’s all about using creativity, licking and enjoying the most exciting sex. Within fetishes, this practice can be similar to bodypainting. In both cases, you can use, as an example, chocolate to draw and then enjoy the result of this game. 

How to practice Splosh

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An important care is to know how to choose what is going to be experienced in the bodies. And if there are no other bodies or partners and you want to do it alone, the idea is also appreciated. 

This practice can be experienced and causes a lot of pleasure to discover so many sensations while enjoying your own company.

One tip is to do it in a bathtub. In addition, it can be experienced in a place where it does not get dirty or difficult to clean afterwards. And if there are no problems with cleaning up afterwards, enjoy as you wish!

What to eat when you want to… eat?

In the case of Splosh, it will depend on one’s taste. If eating is one of life’s pleasures, eating and having sex at the same time can be a great and exciting way to enjoy. 

For those who have little practice or are beginners, easier and more flavorful foods may be the best alternative. Perhaps nothing too sticky like honey, although for many, that is a very desirable option. 

It is advisable to try: chocolate, fruits, yogurt, even ice or ice cream. The important thing at that moment is to try what you feel like at the time of sex. 

splosh girl

Another version yet with food is cake sploshing. Rather, people take pleasure in sitting on a cake. It is usually chosen one quite decorated and with a lot of topping to feel entering their intimate parts. The other, has the pleasure of eating the cake and anything else he wishes. 

Few people know that the body shot is a variant of the Splosh practice. It has long been seen in movies as well as in some parties around the world. It is the famous shot of tequila in the body, which makes there is a generalized excitement for that fact. 

However, tequila has the added bonus of salt and lime, but it can be made with the drink of choice. For the more daring, the use of mud attracts attention. Besides being known as an exfoliant, it also allows you to play with the texture of the body. 

Practicing it safely

As for everything, some tips are precious. When using the body as a surface it is best to try to avoid using some substances that may irritate or harm the skin. No one wants to go from enjoying to having long term recovery for something that can be avoided. 

In this case, it is important to take care of the intimate parts of both men and women. 

Care with products or substances such as:

  • Spicy or spices for the external or visible skin, as well as for the intimate parts of each person. Careful when choosing what to use. 
  • Materials that may cause harm when ingested, such as soaps or other products containing toxic substances.
  • Food that is too cold or extremely hot. Ice or ice cream is recommended when the body can withstand the temperatures without causing bad consequences. The same for warm or hot foods.
  • In no way try to put alcohol on the genitals. This can cause very annoying and unpleasant damage.

Now is to enjoy the best and most exquisite way!