The erotic art of mirrors

Art and mirrors have a long and intimate history. So using mirrors as erotic art is nothing new. What would erotic art be in the mirror? The eroticism of mirrors is present in almost everything. From real life to major film productions or photographs. It is indisputable that the presence of the mirror and the search for knowledge are present. 

The power of observing one’s own body without confusing it with narcissism. To caress it with or without someone in front of it, even to understand the desires with the reflection of the mirror. Some acts such as admiring the beauty of the curves of the body express and provoke excitement. The external reflections are the mirror of the soul. This is how self-love is sought. The search for the “inner self” from the aesthetics seen in the mirror. 

In many countries the mirror in motels for lovers may seem cliché.  However, between desire and pleasure, looking at each other and looking at the other through the mirror can be a game of seduction full of magic.

Since self-esteem is a practice of knowing oneself and the space around, Skokka proposes to develop the senses of the use of the mirror as an art of sex and eroticism. It is not about entering into a game of body worship but to use the reflections as a strong ally of pleasure.

erotic art of mirrors

Movement of the body and glances at oneself in mirrors

How can the mirror on the ceiling or wall be an erotic act? Being able to enjoy the moment by looking in the mirror is one of the most spicy functions of this object. The eroticism lies in being able to observe the movement of the bodies and the sensuality that sex also provides. 

Every muscle, position and harmony in the sexual act begins to have much more detail. This is a factor that allows more intimacy for those involved in the moment of sex itself. 

On the other hand, when it comes to sexual positions, it’s time to explore. The mirror allows you to look into each other’s eyes, when some sexual positions normally do not allow it so easily. The gaze through this artifice promises to increase libido and spice up sex. 

Magic tricks of power and knowledge

Knowing one’s own body can be considered one of the most important arts. Between self-love and self-knowledge, a well-used mirror elevates any sexual potential, in addition to the advantages within oneself. 

Inside every body there is a potential so strong and unknown that it can scare many. To know oneself, to discover how to love and enjoy the body one possesses. This is an advice capable of making more present the personal conquest and the other.

Therefore, a magic mirror can help to get to know one’s own body intimately. Why, how to use a mirror to discover the body? 

Men discover sexuality earlier than women. They can touch, caress and play with the penis, which is an organ that is outside. 

Meanwhile, women continue to grow up without knowing their genitals. Normally women grow up without this contact and experience reprimands during childhood when they are caught touching their vulva. 

To learn how to discover and explore the body, the mirror is used to identify each part of interest. 

First it is good to know how to recognize the areas of the intimate parts. Look for a discreet place, a safe place for privacy. Have in mind or look for information of each part that is going to be explored to be able to look at it later. 

Touching. Enjoy the sensations. Then, the mirror can come in as an indispensable part of seeing as well as feeling. In the meantime, discover erogenous zones with touch and vision..

Now is time to enjoy yourself alone or at the time of sex. The power of discovering the body through the reflection of the mirrors has an unimaginable power for those who have not yet tried it.

art of mirrors

Visual stimulation from the mirrors

It is a fact that visual stimulation is present among almost all people. It’s not just a matter of looking directly into the mirror and activating horny mode. The mirror increases desire for some. On the other hand, the aesthetic pressure can also cause discomfort to those who are not yet accustomed to a mirror in front of them. 

In any case, a couple probably gets a lot of stimulation from seeing themselves connected by looking in the mirror. They are two people in a single scene, two bodies enveloped by the desire to give and have pleasure. 

The erotic art of mirrors goes beyond any aesthetic study. The eroticism of the bodies and the understanding of oneself from a personal point of view is a great differential. 

Let all fantasies and ideas be exploited using this powerful tool for those who see and are seen.