Tasha Banx, a blonde bombshell based in Gold Coast

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She’s the one. She’s the face of Skokka in Australia. Tasha Banx is a blonde and tattooed girl. Cheeky and playful and very addictive! Do you want to know more about her?

Keep reading and discover all about her. No secrets. She’s #TashaForSkokka

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Tasha Banx interview

Why did you decide to work as an escort?

To be honest a friend of mine asked me to have a look at where she worked and said I could try work there… it was so unclean and messy I freaked out and started cleaning the joint. Then I thought why not try it I enjoy sex and love money so I get the best of both worlds.

How did you get to know Skokka?

Stumbled across the site online when I was doing some research on adult sites to advertise on.

What do you like the most of your job?

The interaction and intimacy I get to experience and share with others.

What made you to advertise with us?

For more exposure. And Skokka were listed as one of the best sites to advertise with.

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In what aspects has changed your job after posting an ad in our website?

Extra clientele.

What do you like the most from Skokka?

Social media publicity and easy platform website to use.

Did you notice a big difference after you started to post pictures and ads on social media? What kind of benefits do you get by being an active user on social media?

Yes a huge difference, more enquiries and interest is generated purely from other people sharing or tagging me in it.

Have you ever been unable to work with one client? Why?

No. I’m pretty lucky and have had quite a good run with clients since I started in the industry.

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What is the strangest request a client has made you? And the sweetest thing a client did for you?

To not talk (it makes me extremely awkward because I love talking LOL). All the compliments literally any compliment is super sweet.

Have you ever fallen in love with a client?

I wouldnt say fallen in love but grown very close relationships and bonds with a few.

Has an angry wife ever called you?

LOL Yes. (It’s not funny because I know I’d act the same as them if that was me but you have to sort of see the funny side to not get upset about it)

Tell me two good and two bad things about your work

Good ones: I get to help people feel good about themselves whether the service they want is about sex, having that companion to talk about their problems, to attending an event to make them look as though they have a partner. The money is most definately good.

Bad ones: The risks involved in many different ways shapes and forms. Time wasting assholes.

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What do you think is the most important thing to do when it comes to dealing with a client?

My number one rule is never be off my face to the point I’m not in control and know how to diffuse situations quickly and calmly if they arise.

Is there a particularly common fantasy for many of your clients? Something they requested in multiple occasions…

I wouldnt say common in all my clients but a lot of them all seem to like the thought of  3rd person being involved or watching them.

Have you ever thought of working in other countries?

Yes, have been thinking about it recently actually.

What moment of a sexual encounter do you like the most?

The physical touching and conversation.

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How can you contact Tasha Banx

After reading her interview you can not wait. Don’t let the time flies and read how contact with her.

Skokka AD: https://skokka.link/tasha-bg

Her exclusive web page so you can vote your favorite photo and see all her contact info: https://skokka.link/tasha-lnd

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