Skokka presents itself as the Backpage alternative 2018

Skokka is the global leader when it comes to erotic classified ads, but you already knew that, right? But even if that statement is true as of the writing of this post, it wasn’t always like that. People consider Skokka a Backpage alternative, or even its successor.

Every website has a beginning and Skokka was no different. By the time it started there were already big names such as Cracker, Craigslist, etc. But if there was a website that differentiated itself from the others was Backpage, where millions of escorts advertised.

Now, a few years later, with over 370 millions of unique users and more than 1300 millions of active ads we became the biggest portal of erotic ads on the Internet. We surpassed those old giants of the industry and became the number one site, but we didn’t have much time to show the world our superiority.

We only had a clear superiority during the last couple of years of their running, and as a result people have been calling Skokka a Backpage personal replacement, a Cracker escorts alternative, the Craigslist escorts alternative equivalent and more without a basis. That’s why we’ll let you know what is the current situation and why Skokka is not a Backpage alternative but a better site of its own.

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The fall of a sex empire

The 6th of April of 2018 the Backpage, Cracker and the adult section of Craigslist where shut down. Due to the FOSTA/SESTA regulations all those big names from the USA became targets of severe legal prosecution. And as result of exhaustive investigations it was then stated that Backpage and Cracker had collaborated with human trafficking. Consequently, both websites where restricted by the FBI, and in a cautious move Craigslist decided to remove its personal ads.

But what really happened? Why did they commit such a horrible crime? The answer is simple, because they had no proper control over their ads whatsoever.

It is true that they filtered but when it comes to wrongdoers are imaginative and get what they want. Thousands of ads regarding illegal services were allegedly offered on the website and in the end it broke the law.

Fortunately, one of the fields where Skokka excels is in the filtrating process, the most effective out there. Thus making us believe that we are more than a Backpage similar or Cracker similar website, an overall better portal. We don’t let any illegal activity appear in our website, and while we can commit errors our clients report irregularities. Ads with such activities or services that may have gotten through our filtration can be reported to

Your new office

On the other hand, while the responsible people for the shutdown of said websites saw their illegal ads be taken away, so did thousands of professional sex workers from all over the world that weren’t infringing any law. Men and women from all over the world saw how most of their income got away from them. Clearly we talk about those who only had ads in those webs and none of the Backpage adult classified alternatives, Cracker alternative 2018 or Craigslist personal replacement pages out there.


We know that we consider ourselves more than the Backpage alternative 2018, the Craigslist alternative 2018 or a Cracker personal replacement but in the end we are nothing more than a website trying to help sex workers and clients get in touch. We cannot allow any person to go through hardships due to a lack of work. If you want to consider Skokka as the Backpage escorts alternative to post your ad, so be it. We are a Craigslist similar website as long as it helps you work and sustain yourself.

How does it work?

Skokka is a better website than your usual Backpage escorts alternative among the Cracker adult classified alternatives you’ve seen online. It offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to working with them. You can post an ad for free in whatever category you feel like your ad better fits. And at the same time you can also decide to promote said advertisement by making it “Climb the Top”.

One of the reasons behind so many people feeling that Skokka is a Backpage personal alternative or a Cracker website similar is precisely the promoting system. While our website has the “Climb the Top” that makes your ad appear among the first results of the category for a really economic price, the other websites had a bump system as well that was based in making the ad go high in their list again. However, one of the reasons why being called a Backpage website similar feels like not enough for Skokka is because though the bumping system sounds similar the decisive difference is the display.

Promote your ad as TOP or PREMUM

You can choose whether to promote as TOP or PREMIUM in the so called Craigslist website similar, Skokka. And that implies a differentiation from the other ads making the amount of phone calls increase a lot. Your ad shows a big picture and highlight itself with a border that attracts the attention. This is something that the other Backpage alternative 2018 or Craigslist adult classified alternatives don’t offer, and the original websites themselves couldn’t overrun. If you want to give it a try learn more about our promotions HERE.

Tops AU

The other principal reason behind so many people considering Skokka a Cracker personal alternative, a Backpage alternative and a Craigslist personal alternative is because of the international presence of the brand. Our website is open in 24 countries as of the writing of this text and the amount of users and ads make people think of how big the other websites where back in the day.

If you want to become part of the family that is Skokka just go ahead. Contact our marketing department via email or via DM through any of the official social media channels.  We can help you with any problem you may have. Go ahead and look for us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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