You can be the face of Skokka as well

The number of ads posted in Skokka grows every day. We don’t just grow in number of ads though, we also have an increasing number of people entering to our website and visiting the ads. We are the global leaders in our field!! And now you can be the face of Skokka, the image our brand…

We haven’t found a better way to thank the trust of all our advertisers than making one of you the face of Skokka, the representative of our brand. There is nobody better for the job than our advertisers, don’t you agree? Do you advertise in Skokka and want to become our representative in your country for a whole month?

What does imply to become the face of Skokka?

This campaign started taken place during the first months of the year. It is having a great reception in those countries where we are open. Do you know what we have in store ready for our advertisers?

  1. The interview: Once a month we make an interview dedicated to one of our escorts. It is the best way to further get to know them and learn what they really think about everything. A completely personal and veracious version of what they think, need and feel.
  2. Social media: Other way to provide more visibility to our representative is by giving her FREE advertising in our social media accounts. How? It’s very easy. We do it by showing her in the header of our Skokka English Twitter profile and in the Twitter profile from the country where she is from. Also, the person working as our face will also be the header of our blog and our official Facebook page. What else could somebody ask for? There is more!
  3. A personalised webpage: That is our exclusive gift to the advertiser who wants to become one with this big family that makes Skokka what it is. It is a completely exclusive website built for you so those who enter can further learn about you. We display your sexiest and most exclusive pictures, the link (the URL) that redirects to the ad in Skokka and your social media accounts so the person that watches your website know how to contact you.


How can I be the face of Skokka?

If you want to be, during a whole month, the representative of Skokka in your country you just have to follow these few simple steps:

  1. Contact our marketing department. Write to us a direct message through any of our social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebok) and we will explain it to you with details. Or if you prefer it you can send an email to
  2. Get everything ready beforehand because in order to create the best content we will need the best resources. We will ask you for a total of 15 of your best pictures. Why don’t you prepare them and we talk?

What will you have to do as the representative of Skokka?

The only thing that we ask in return is reciprocity. That you keep in touch with our team and you give feedback to the official accounts. How? You just have to interact with the official profiles in social media and let your followers know that you have become the image of Skokka, for that month, by mentioning them.

If you have already wrapped your mind about becoming a member of the Skokka family don’t doubt it no more. Contact our marketing department!! We will start working together as soon as possible to create the biggest repercussion, to give you loads of good publicity (falta el enlace). And don’t forget that it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Don’t forget that Skokka is as of today the biggest and most important erotic classified ads portal for adults. More than 285 millions of users visited the website, and has passed over the 48 million phone calls mark. It is also present in a wide range of countries all over the world allowing the website to have a constantly growing amount of ads.

As of today Skokka is open in 24 countries, being them: Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Germany, Guatemala, India, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, Uruguay and Venezuela.

If you want to join us just contact us and we will start working in the campaign for you. Do you want to be the image of Skokka? We would love to work with you.

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