Activate your premium ad and increase your bookings

If try today the premium ad in Skokka the amount of phone calls you receive will increase. You will become one of the most viewed ads!! Up until now it was only available in Peru and Venezuela, but from this week on it will be active in all the countries where Skokka is open.

What is the Premium Ad?

The premium ad is a bonus you can add to TOP posts, it makes them appear higher in Skokka.

With this kind of ad you will double your visibility up to a 250% and you will increase your contacts. You will have many more advantages in comparison with the others:

  • Your position in the list of ads will be better than anybody else’s ad. Your ad will display on top of the others making quite a difference with TOP ads, and an even greater difference with free ads.
  • Besides, you will have available 3 preview pictures for your post while the other ones will only have one (or zero if it’s a free ad). These pictures are way bigger than they were before in the TOP ads. This way the clients will be able to check them without entering the ad. It will be perfectly legible in the ads’ list.
  • Your phone number will appear way more highlighted and visible than before. It will be way easier to call and contact you. Your network of contacts will expand in less than you imagine. The phone number will be placed right under the main 3 pictures of your ad, big enough to click on it so there is no need that you enter in the advertisement. So choose wisely your top 3 pictures since they will highly impact the performance of your ad!
blog premium ad

How can I start using the Premium Ad?

To turn on the premium your ad as a premium ad is very simple. Promote your ad as if you were promoting your usual TOP ad. Once you selected the product and the time when you want it to be promoted the Premium selection will be activated.

Now you just have to add the premium ad to the offer. Add 3 pictures, always trying to go for the best ones, your most beautiful and sexy shots, and create your previsualised image so everybody can recognise you. You just have to choose between all the payment options (falta el enlace) we offer you and buy the promotion.

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Remember that if you happen to have any doubt at all we will be here to help you:

Also, as you already know you can find us on our social media profiles. We are on Twitter and Instagram in AustraliaIndia and UK.

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