Learn how to use the search engine in Skokka

More than once you have searched in Skokka but the results that came out of it weren’t what you expected. Have you ever thought about optimizing your searches in the search bar? With this options that we are about to present you will be able to easily find what you look for. Lear how to use the search engine in Skokka step by step.

In Skokka our main goal is to facilitate our users’ navigation. We want our users’ experience in our website to be pretty simple and fast. If you find it in the least amount of steps and in the fastest way possible the better.

If you look for a specific fetish

If you look for a specific fetish because that Is what you are into, you can find it in Skokka. Whatever it is your fetish, galactofilia, nalgofilia including spanking and BDSM (faltan enlaces), everything can be found here. You just have to choose the category you want to search in, write what you are looking for in the field right next to the city selection and click on the Search button.


If you have very specific tastes

You can also find partners for very specific practices of your liking in Skokka. Let’s say that you are looking for whips, or you are turned by specific underwear, search it and find someone.

You just have to do as we previously explained. Go to the right corner of your screen, and right newx to the City selection scroll write what you look for. Click on SEARCH and there you go. It is that easy to search for likeminded people who enjoy the same. Even if it includes your deepest and darkest fantasies, you will be able to find someone to fulfil them here.

If you are looking for people in a specific city

It is also a possibility that you just moved into a completely new city or even a whole different country. If you need someone to accompany you here in Skokka we make it easy. But how do you find what you are looking for in other country?

other countries

You just have to go to the top left corner of your screen when you are visiting Skokka. There a dropdown menu will appear, look for the country that you are going to visit or you are in. Once you spot it just click on it and start searching as you always do on our website.

The homepage will be open, select the city where you are looking to have the hot encounter or search. Thousands of results will appear after your clicked on Search. You just have to choose one of the ads among them. From there on you just have to contact the person you want to meet.

If you are looking for a phone

Maybe what you are looking for is something that you previously found. Maybe it is someone you saw on social media and you desperately need to have a date with that person. Or maybe that something is one of the thousands of girls advertising in our website. If you want to repeat with that girl and you have her phone saved, it will be easy. How?

Once again you just have to search in the prepared field in our website. Put the phone number of the person you want to meet in the white bar in the right corner. Just hit the Search button and Skokka will do everything else for you. If it is advertising in our website, with the number or the name will be more than enough. Why don’t you give it a try and look at the results? You will be surprised by the efficacy of this search engine.

These are only a few possible scenarios where our search bar could be used. But there can be thousands more. We encourage you to test it out. Play searching and you will find way more things than you can imagine. Should we start?

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