Free advertising in the social media accounts of Skokka

As you already know in Skokka the number of ads that are posted on those countries where we are open constantly increases. Every day more and more people decide to post their ad in our website. But what you didn’t know, for sure, was that in Skokka we have social media with lots of followers that bring a lot of traffic. And we offer free advertising on them!

Yes, that’s right… just as your heard it. Not only posting your ad with us in Skokka is free. Now, we also offer the possibility of increasing the amount of people that see your ad by adding to it all the people connected with us. We can provide you with free publicity of your ad and make the number of phone calls you receive grow.

How can I get free social media advertising?

First of all, you’d just have to own a Twitter or Instagram account. From there it is pretty easy. Once you’ve created your ad in Skokka you just have to send us a link, the URL, via DM to our social media profiles.

Tell us your name, the link to your ad in Skokka and your Twitter or Instagram account. We will post your ad and mention you so you become well known all over the globe.

If you have problems or you don’t remember how to post an ad in our website don’t worry, we have your back. We will help you remember with a few simple steps. You’ll see how it is easier than you think. You will have your ad ready, in no time, and with all our efforts combined, we will make your ad go viral in less amount of time than you’d expect. You just have to go through this link and read the article about posting and creating an ad in Skokka, again.

Moreover, we also have official Twitter accounts in each and every one of the countries where Skokka is open. For that sole reason your ad would be posted in our Twitter accounts at the same time. The official Skokka English account will post your ad together with the account from the country you are in or posted the ad in. This way we will make everyone access to your publication and, in the end, contact you. Including a direct way to contact you through social media.

You won’t only appear in our website with all those millions of unique users that visit it every day. We will add to that number all our Twitter and Instagram followers.

And even our blog too, are you interested?

We will wait for your link. You just have to send us a DM to our official account on Twitter or Instagram:

Twitter: @skokka_AU

Instagram: @skokka_AU

Let the virality begin!! We expect that you contact us to start working together and therefore be able to make your phone ring like crazy… should we talk?

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