Guide to create the perfect ad

Many users of our website ask us how can they improve their ad. They want to know how to make their post reach more people or have more views. Don’t worry, we have the answer to create the perfect ad.

We have created a little guide so you learn step by step how you can have the best ad in the website. That way you will be able to shine over the other posts and your ad will have more views than the others. Do you want to know how? Then keep reading…

How to create the perfect ad

1. Benefit from the new gallery

You already know that one of the last updates in our website has been the new gallery of pictures that we offered to all our advertisers. Before, you could only upload a total of 3 pictures and it was troublesome to choose. Now you shouldn’t have problems anymore since you can upload up to 10 photos. Why don’t you profit from it and show the world the best version of yourself?


It’s said that an image is worth more than a thousand words for a reason. And we confirm it. We can tell you that it is true that the ads with more pictures have higher visits and visibility than those without images or only two or three. Make a selection of your best pictures, striking different poses… and add them to your post!!

2. What pictures should I add?

Clearly your best pictures. Homemade pictures are the more liked ones, but there is nothing more beautiful than an image with a filter, shadows or even done by a professional photographer. If you can afford such services we recommend that you use them.

It’s crucial that all the pictures are 100% real. In the end is the most important thing of your ad. It isn’t advisable that you upload blurry pictures, with unflattering flashes or illegal elements.


Emojis? It is preferred to not use them. We advise you to avoid them as long as you can since they take away seriousness and professionalism from your picture. If what you want is privacy it is far more recommended to blur your face. There is always an option B.

3. The Text

The words that you use to describe yourself are also important to create the perfect ad. Choose an impressive title because that is why they will choose your ad and not other. And remember to elaborate in detail the services that you provide.  What do you do, how do you do it, where, how to contact you, if you have special offers… Your social media accounts are also important if you have them, but if you don’t we recommend that you step forward because you will notice the difference between publicising in one media and publicising in both of them. You’ll notice the difference!!


If even after all that information you aren’t sure what to do next to improve your ad remember that you can contact us via two ways:

  • Send us an email to and we will manage your doubts as soon as possible.

Look for our Marketing department on social media: we are on Twitter AU, Facebook and Instagram.

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