How to promote an ad in Skokka

Whether it is a registered user or not, in Skokka we will help you learn step by step how to promote an ad and make it shine in comparison to the rest.

Promote an ad during the posting process

To promote an ad DURING ITS PUBLICATION, if you are a REGISTERED USER, you must LOGIN with your user and password. If you aren’t REGISTERED IN SKOKKA yet, click on the button POST YOUR AD.

post your ad AU

In order to create your ad click on the button POST YOUR AD. Next, select the category and the city you want your ad to be posted in.

Insert the title and the text that you want to include by copying it from a text document you previously created. After that add the pictures that you want to be shown in the ad (with a maximum of 10 images per post).

Enter your age and phone number knowing that this data will be publicly visible in the publication. Click then in the “I’M NOT A ROBOT” checkbox. Accept the terms and conditions, and after that click in continue to end the posting process of your ad.

Payment processes

Select the type of offer you want to promote your ad with. Choose the total amount of days that you want your ad to be seen in the TOP of the page, and the specific time period you want it to Climb The Top.

You can now choose the highlighted picture of your ad as well as crop it however you prefer it to be displayed. Check that the total price corresponds with the one in your offer, and if it is true, click in PROMOTE.

Check the price of the product. You can revise again the final cost and proceed with the payment process through credits, credit card, debit card or PaySafeCard (to pay with PaySafeCard includes a little fee). Click over BUY and introduce your payment data in order to end the buying process.

In the next page you will still be able to check the final cost and proceed to pay with either credits, credit card, debit card or PaySafeCard ( Also, you will be able to see the credits that you still have available after the purchase. You can finally upload your ad and it will be promoted during the days and time periods of the day that you selected.

Promote an ad after its publication

If you are not registered in Skokka yet, click on the button MANAGE MY ADS. Click again in PROMOTE. If you are registered, LOGIN with your user and password. Now click in ADS to select the ad that you want to promote.

The steps to follow are the same as we previously specified:

  1. Select the offer you prefer
  2. Choose the days and time period that you want your ad to Climb The Top
  3. Opt for the pictures that you think are better as the main ones

If you have already revised that everything is good to go, then it is ready to promote. Click on the BUY button.

Now you can even make it PREMIUM. Discover all the advantages in the new blog entry that we wrote so you can do it step by step.

Skokka Helps You

You already know that we are a big team willing to help you in everything we can as soon as we can. We work every day so your experience as a user in Skokka is the best possible. Also we provide a support service so you contact us with any doubt. We will make it instead of you. Write us the URL of the post and the reason why you write to

Skokka is becoming a more international brand thanks to its constant expansion. That’s why we can have a growing number of ads coming from many varied countries. It is as of today the biggest classified ads portal. It has more than 820 millions of visited pages, taking into account the last month only. And more than 1.300 million of active ads.

If you want to join this big family remember that you can contact with any of our professionals through social media. If you want to delete or edit an ad also keep in mind that we can help you, just contact us via FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Don’t you follow us yet?

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