Learn how to create and post your ad in Skokka

Skokka is becoming a more and more international brand due to its constant expansion and development. That’s why we can have a steadily growing amount of ads coming from many different countries. Aren’t you part of this big community yet? Haven’t you posted an ad in Skokka? Do you know how to do it? Here we explain how to post an ad in just a few very simple steps.

To begin with, you just have to know if you are an already signed up user in our website or not. If you haven’t created a user or profile yet you just have to read how to do so in our blog HERE. But, if on the other hand, you are already part of this amazing community you’ll just have to follow these advices:

Create and post your ad in Skokka

The first step is to enter in your user or profile. In order to do that you just have to click on the upper-right corner of the website and click on LOGIN and introduce your user (which is the e-mail address you used during the registration process). You’ll just have to write down your password, check that you are not a robot and then click on LOGIN.

When you enter your profile you will see in the upper-right section that there is a big blue button. Click on POST YOUR AD and, in the new window that will open, fill all the required fields. You will be able to upload up to 10 pictures. Remember that pictures with a better quality will be seen more clearly. And as a result more people will talk about you in a good way. An image is worth more than a thousand words, right?

post your ad AU 02

Insert the title and text that you want to post. If you want you can also add your social media in the text. We can promote you for free through our social media profiles in Twitter and Instagram.

Remember that here you have to describe yourself in the best way possible so you attract as much attention as possible. A good choice of words and well written text could make the amount of phone calls you receive increase by a lot.

post your ad AU

You also have to introduce your age and the phone number you want to display in your ad, where you are going to receive the calls. Accept the terms and conditions and click on CONTINUE.

Lastly, to post your ad in Skokka you just have to click on POST FOR FREE and you will be able to read the text. Ad successfully posted!

Besides, you could also make it CLIMB THE TOP and promote it. Remember that you can bring the spotlight to your ad during your preferred time slot. The ad will be clearly highlighted in the website. Wait and see the difference!!

Why Skokka?

Don’t forget that Skokka is as of today the biggest classified ads website in the world with 820 million visited pages in the last month and more than 1.300 million active ads. It is present within a huge international scene. This allows the website to have that great amount of ads coming from so many different countries.

Skokka is a new concept of encounters. It is the online portal or adult classified ads that is referred by different newspapers as “the most revolutionary website for casual encounters in the last decade”.

If you have any doubt or problem you already know what to do, contact our support service. Write us a mail to support@skokka.com and we will help you. What are you waiting for?

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