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Bitcoin is the easiest way to pay on the Internet. Did you know that? Did you know about the existence of this paying option? Is a cryptocurrency created in 2009. An innovative project in continuous development that could change many different economical aspects.

How to pay with Bitcoin (BTC)?

As of today there are countries such as Singapore, the UK or Australia that use this currency. Even countries like the UK or Singapore have ATMs in order to operate with Bitcoin. It won’t be difficult to fully transition into using this paying option if you are already committed to doing so.


Bitcoin transactions are protected by military cryptography. There won’t be any extra fee for a transaction, and anybody will be able to pay in your name. You, and only you, will have absolute control over all your banking procedures, and said procedures will be finished in a really short time span.

With Bitcoin the advantage is that you won’t have a credit card number. Nobody can steal your card number since it implies zero risk. You will protect your account number as well since trying to fake your identity isn’t effective. Altogether, you protect your private information from stealers by using this payment option, but the more you know the better. We recommend that you read ways to protect your privacy so you make it even harder.

You can even buy Bitcoins with cash. There are up to 5 different ways of doing so if you live in Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore or India.

In Skokka you can also pay with Bitcoin

In order to make your experience with us as beneficial and satisfactory as possible we, in Skokka, offer every existing possibility.

As you know, our team created Skokka in 2010 as an online portal of adult classified ads. Soon after, it became the global leader in the erotic classified ads field thanks to its 370 millions of unique users. What’s the secret? Their daily job as a team and their determination to improve for you. Many countries, many cities, many teams, but always keeping in touch so everything works perfectly. That way the communication of the brand becomes clear and satisfies the clients.

Skokka is a more and more international brand that is steadily expanding. That’s why we have a growing amount of ads that come from very different countries.

Can you imagine what would it be like to post your ad in our website while also working with our social media? The numbers would be insane and the calls wouldn’t stop increasing. The users of our website will see your ad as well as the followers of all our social media accounts.

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