Steps to register a new user in Skokka

If you have ever thought about registering in Skokka but when it came to it you didn’t know how don’t worry, we have your back. It will never happen again. We’ll help you by explaining step by step how to register a new user in our website, Skokka. It’s simple and easy. In just a few minutes you will be able to register a new user from a computer or a mobile phone without anyone else, all on your own.

In Skokka we want to make everything easier for you. We know how valuable time is nowadays and that it is one of the most coveted values so we won’t let you waste it. That’s why as the global leader of classified ads for adults we will provide any needed support so everything is way easier.

Register a new user

First of all, open Skokka’s website and click on the top right corner where it says “REGISTER”.

registro nuevo usuario

In the new window that will open insert your mail address, confirm it and make sure to check the “I’m not a robot” field. Following that click on the pink button that says “REGISTER”.

The registration of a new user is now finished. It has been properly done for the mail address you entered in the previous step. The only thing left is to confirm that same email address with the mail you should have gotten in your inbox. Definitively complete your registration this way. Click in the link that we will send so you can manage the activation of your account.

The last step is to create and confirm a password that you want for your user. Remember that you have to meet a certain amount of obligatory conditions in order to create it though. Only that way you will be able to make sure that nobody takes it from you and that it is perfectly protected. Press the button, send it!

Congratulations, your account as a user of Skokka has been correctly created.

And if you still have any question regarding anything in the website of Skokka, even the slightest doubt, you can watch our English speaking Youtube channel  for more information. You can find a wide variety of DIY and tutorials to solve all those questions that may appear.

With this video you’ll learn how to register a new user on your own step by step. Make it yourself from your computer, in a matter of seconds, in the easiest way you could imagine.

Skokka Helps You

Besides, behind everything you see there is a great human team. We work every day so your experience as a user of Skokka is the best possible. For example, we have available a service where you can contact us if you have any problem regarding your ads. Write the URL of the post and what’s the matter behind the writing to and we will help you.

Skokka keeps becoming an even more international brand that is constantly expanding. That specific reason explains why we have a growing number of ads from very different countries. As of today it is the biggest classified ads portal on the world with more than 820 millions of visited pages in a month. And with more than 1.300 million active ads. It has a vast international presence and this allows the website to contain that enormous amount of ads coming from different countries.

If you want to join this big family remember.  You can always contact one of our professionals through our social media. If you want to delete your posts, modify or remove your ad keep in mind that we can help you, and that we are there for you in FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Do you follow us?

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