Protection against fake profiles in ads

Skokka is a website of adult classified ads available in many countries. And in all of them the users are allowed to post free ads, as long as they aren’t fake profiles.

Together with the growth and expansion of Skokka comes an increasing amount of impostors ready to pounce. But this company doesn’t only grow online. The human team behind everything, that make it all work out smoothly, also grows and improves. As a result of both situations, our team becoming bigger and the amount of pretenders increasing, our users and clients’ security has become one of our top priorities. Together with their satisfaction with us.

If it has ever happened to you that someone has posted an ad with a picture in your name and it hasn’t been you. If you have posted an ad in our website but the pictures aren’t yours. Or if you have posted your ad with absolute normality but someone liked your pictures way too much and decided to steal them. Contact us, our team will take action!!

Our team takes charge of the fake profiles

In order to grant the quality we have a great team of professionals. They go through each and every single new ad that is uploaded to our website on a daily basis, making sure that no illegal material is being advertised.

Due to the big amount of published ads we also offer an extensive network of communication channels. Through them you can contact us and ask for help with any problem or doubt you may have in the most efficient way possible.

Right after someone notifies a problem the process is to analyse it and to act accordingly. If we are talking about fake profiles the procedure is to delete the ad once the veracity of it has been contrasted, going as far as blocking a certain mail address if it is necessary.

fake profile

There might be an occasion where someone decides to post ads with your personal information but without your conformity. The reasons that neither you nor Skokka know. For these specific scenarios you can send the URL and the reason why you want the ad to be taken down to

Once the notice has been received in this mail the ad is removed immediately

If these ads keep being posted please let us know via email. We will proceed to block the mail address that is sending all the ads that are being denounced.

Another scenario would be that an ad has wrong information included within. It could also be that someone might want to change, edit or delete a registered profile in our website.

For those kind of situations we have a specific mail where you can send all your doubts:

We ask for your patience and comprehension. Our professionals work as fast as they can while performing an amazing job.

Always cleaning our website from spam and fake ads to make it work better. That way we can protect everyone’s security, legality and trust.

If you have any doubt left remember that you can contact with any of our professionals. They are available in the previously named mail addresses or in our social media. We are on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM.

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