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This way you can lose your shame in bed


Everything is constantly changing every day. In this sense, people can also change their attitudes in life. Or in bed. Besides, when it comes to sex, it’s always best to try to lose some of the shame that has always accompanied the life journey of almost every woman. How can you lose your shame in bed?  There is a lot… Read more »

Follow these tips to triumph with oral sex


Oral sex, why not? So begins one of the richest days of good sex. So, how to succeed with oral sex? For starters, Skokka already has it in mind that succeeding in sex is something that can be quite simple. It is possible to give and receive all the pleasure when done the right way. Although “right” also depends on… Read more »

How to make the best oral sex… to him!

Martina    20 March 2020    Comments Off on How to make the best oral sex… to him!

All women have some doubts and even some fear when it comes to oral sex. And it is absolutely normal, since there are important aspects that are questioned. Whether with a partner in a stable relationship or in a noncommittal one, certain precautions need to be taken to please men in the best way and without embarrassment.  The advice in… Read more »