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Kivin Method: provide an orgasm quickly


The clitoris, that great unknown for many people, protagonist of pleasure and cause of many female orgasms. The Kivin method is a way, a technique, that promises, in just three minutes, with the help of oral sex, to provoke female ecstasy. A good way to leave behind all the worries about whether the orgasm will have been faked or not,… Read more »

Psychological components which affect the intensity of orgasms


Having orgasms happens due to a set of factors that vary in each person. Skokka proposes to develop the topic by showing the components that affect the intensity of orgasms. Is it possible to measure it from the characteristics that each person presents? Much more than a physiological question, the psychological one directly influences different “orgasmic conditions”.  Some factors may… Read more »

Why do we have orgasms in our sleep?

Martina    12 June 2020    Comments Off on Why do we have orgasms in our sleep?

Did you wake up in the middle of the night in full ecstasy because you don’t know how, but you just had an orgasm in your sleep? Did you have an orgasm in your sleep and you don’t know why? These kinds of questions always lead to the same thing in the end… why do you have sex? Is the… Read more »