Skokka warns its users about scams and frauds

In Skokka we have detected a series of frauds and scams that are reaching users and advertisers of our portal through fake ads. We want, through this statement, to transmit that Skokka is aware of such issues and that we are working to avoid them.

That is why, in addition to the warnings that we have posted about these threats in all our social networks, we want to give some advice so that the security of each of our users is not affected.

In addition to blocking false profiles, once they have been reported to the support department and their veracity has been verified, we are carrying out a campaign in which we clarify that Skokka has nothing to do with what has happened and is not part of this web of threats.

As the Skokka team, we want to clarify that we do not have representatives of the brand, except for commercials offering promotions that can only be purchased through the official website

Skokka, will NEVER ask for:

  • Personal data to advertisers and/or users
  • Information about the email account and password through which you can personally access the page (access to the private area)
  • Personal photographs
  • We do not interfere in the communication between user and advertiser
  • Money, bank deposits or personal information about bank details

These threats that extortionists make by creating an advertisement on our portal, consist of the following:

They create a profile and, posing as an advertiser, offer their services. It is through this advertisement that these people make contact with users and obtain private information, such as telephone numbers or certain personal data.

Extortion and threats reach users through messages such as the following, in Spanish:

“Saludo compa le habla el PROXANETA de la casa de servicios de SKOKKA y encargado de lo SICARIO Y de la agencia de chicas le habla el señor ÁNGEL RASCAR aquí vemos que tiene varios reporté de varía chicas que sólo te la pasa molestando y pidiendo información la chicas andan trabajando no son relajos para aserla perder el tiempo ya que tenemos regla la agencia as perdido dinero por qué las chicas HAN cancelado servicio hablando con usted ya sabe cómo funcionan acá lo carteles mexicano acá en peru si no quiere que esto pase a problema personal con usted y su familia lo mejor sería que lleguemos a un acuerdo por la buena ya que tengo 8 de mi mejores hombre por la zona de su localidad esperando que usted me de una repuesta ya que si no me responde o me blokea le daré orden que lo traigan acá a nuestro rancho para hacerle pagar a la mala o que lo levante de inmediato y me traigan su cabeza acá NO QUIERO INVOLUCRAR SU FAMILIA espero su repuesta si quieres ARREGLAR esto por la BUENA o PROCEDEMOS por la MALA”

Threats are made with hitmen and through cartels, asking for financial compensation and posing as people who belong to our team. TOTALLY FALSE INFORMATION.

Skokka warns about scams

We have also reported another fraud. It is a document with a stamp and signed by a representative calling himself Darwin Esteban Maldonado Coba. In this case it is “an alleged fine that Skokka generates for misuse of the account”. WHICH IS COMPLETELY FAKE.

In Skokka we reiterate that we NEVER intermediate in the relationship between advertisers and users so we confirm that this document is FAKE and that Mr. Darwin Esteban is not a representative of Skokka. As well as the stamp attached to the document.

Skokka therefore recommends ignoring it completely or contacting us through our support team in order to stop its circulation.

In Skokka we are aware of the damage that these scams and threats cause to many of our users and advertisers, as well as to the brand itself by questioning the security and image of our site

If you receive any suspicious phishing messages, please report them promptly to Skokka support so that we can take action. The contact method is via email to