The reinvention of adult portals in the time of Coronavirus

Coronavirus. Who would have predicted that something as small as a virus would have such an impact on the way the world works and on people’s lives? It has become a global pandemic and many countries are already taking action. Home confinements, teleworking, closing down parks and public places, banning rallies…

This has led to a revaluation of physical contact. Those loving hugs and kisses to loved ones. Family, friends, lovers… All of them are affected to a greater or lesser extent but, in the end, health is the most important thing and it must be taken care of.

And how does Coronavirus affect the situation of the adult sector?

The closure of hotels and the need for many of these women not to be able to leave their homes are many problems. Many of the escorts are dependent on income as sex workers.This is why they have had to reinvent themselves.

As true experts of pleasure they are willing to give orgasms without even physically touching. There has been an increase in activity and publication of erotic content, images and videos xxx on Twitter, Onlyfans, Pornhub and similar.

Coronavirus adult sector

That’s why in Skokka, we continue working to support all advertisers who trust our portal. In this line are already available webcams. As a new category, enter a sex cam and enjoy from the comfort of your home.

The reinvention of the adult sector

In times of Coronavirus, quarantine and not leaving the house, having sex online is an entertainment that will make the hours go by very quickly. You just need to sit down, get comfortable and click. A wide range of services are available to all those who want to try new things.

A hot video call, dirty sexting, phone sex… You can participate as you wish. Let your imagination run wild and choose between the most erotic private hot show. Also participate in the sex chat and write down all your fantasies and wet dreams. They will make them all come true and correspond to you. 

Now even with erotic toys. Thanks to new technologies and innovation, some of these can be controlled remotely, even from your own phone. So it’s like you’re there. Everything is available for you to decide, what, how, when and at what pace. All of us, at some point, have dreamt of everything we would do to that ideal man or woman. And that’s because their only goal is your pleasure. So why not take advantage of it in the time of Coronavirus?

Coronavirus online sex

Because even in difficult situations like the one we are in, orgasms have more power. Times when we all have to be more united than ever, think collectively so that it happens as soon as possible and returns to normal. Taking care of each other.

But what can online sex offer you?

How is it different from porn? As already mentioned, virtually, there are many services. A world that has always remained in the background and few talk about it. It is better to tell about those sexual adventures and how that hot and sexy woman screamed with pleasure. So it’s a whole world of unexplored pleasure to be enjoyed.

On the video call you can masturbate, play, dress up or do, say or show some part of your body that only you want. You can also get a pack of uncensored erotic photos and videos.  All shows and content are fully customizable. To make all your fantasies and fetishes come true.

Everything will be fine, we’ll get out of this together. The doors will open again, to recover the freedom to meet and prepare all the hottest and wildest encounters. But in the meantime, why not explore this part of sexuality? Discover a whole range of new possibilities for pleasure. Get to know your body better, increase pleasure and intensify orgasms. Let yourself be seduced and pampered to create experiences that are sure to be hard to forget. Why does staying at home have to be synonymous with boredom? Forget about the stress and strain of the pandemic situation and unleash your passion with the help of beautiful and sexy escorts.

Would Coronavirus stop you to try it?

You are obliged to live with relatives, flatmates, yourself or your own partner. As always, we at Skokka believe in warm encounters whether in person or from a distance. Because in order to enjoy yourself it is important to be healthy first. Against possible Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), infections, unwanted pregnancies and a long etcetera. Now the Coronavirus is added. Take advantage and let yourself be carried away by pleasure and let all this emergency situation that has transformed reality and the concept of routine and normality pass as soon as possible. So, what are you waiting for to enter and join Skokka and let the pleasure continue?

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